Anti-Static, Temperature-Friendly, Durable Sheets: Yes Please


Organic linen fitted sheets might just be the best way for you to get the most amazing sleep possible and continue living a rewarding, organic lifestyle. Choosing new sheets should not be as easy as choosing what to order for breakfast. You\’re going to be spending around 50 hours a week wrapped in them — every week — for a very long time, so you want to make sure you\’re getting everything out of the sheet sets that you chose.

Linen fitted sheets will form perfectly to your body and give you the maximum amount of comfort during your time spent in bed. Linen sheets will keep you sleeping soundly and comfortable regardless of the temperature outside, too. A lot of people struggle to sleep when it\’s far too hot out; the sheets stick to their skin and they become uncomfortable and restless. Linen sheets, however, will bring down your overall skin temperature by three or four degrees. Research shows that a person who uses linen bed sheets perspires nearly two times less than those in other kinds of sheets.

On the flip side, those warm temperatures are sometimes very rare while you\’re inside your bed. If the temperature outside or in your home is very cold, linen sheets still do a great job at keeping the warmth right with you in the bed. This allows you to get a comfortable sleep no matter what the temperature is.

Another benefit of these organic linen fitted sheets is that they actually become more durable over the years. Because of the flax yarns and fabrics, the strength of linen increases about 20% after it\’s washed a few times, helping it last longer than other kinds of sheets. Along with the durability factor, the sheets will not only last longer over time, they will become softer and more comfortable.

The only thing worse than freezing cold sheets or sheets that uncomfortably stick to your skin is sheets that electrically shock you. Getting zapped in the middle of the night because you rolled over an inch is never a good thing. The cloth used in linen does not accumulate static electricity, so there is no risk of being shocked while you\’re asleep.

There are many types of sheets that may work for you, but if you enjoy organic products and temperature-friendly sheets that won\’t shock you, linen sheets may be your cup of tea.