What are the Top Cities for Destination Weddings in 2016?


If you want all the perks of a destination wedding without all the costly hassles of overseas travel, then consider hosting your destination wedding a little closer to home. Popular wedding blog The Knot recently counted down the Top U.S. Destination Wedding Cities in the country, with the perfect location for any type of wedding or bridal party.
So what was parked right on top of the list? The Sunshine State, Florida, USA.
Florida is already a top destination for vacationers of all types, so it makes sense that it would also make for an ideal wedding destination. In fact, that makes it doubly attractive for couple looking for a domestic honeymoon location as well.
Specifically, The Knot selected Miami as their top destination wedding city.
\”With its big-city sophistication and lengthy beaches, Miami has it all. The tropical setting is lush and the sunsets are romantic. From shopping to snorkeling, this famous honeymoon destination has you covered.\”
Whether you\’re looking for scenic beach wedding places, all inclusive event packages, or cheap wedding reception halls, Miami has event venues for every need or budget. That means there are a number of nice wedding places to choose from, from ultra hip dance clubs to ballrooms in Miami for upscale events.
The number two spot on the list? Las Vegas, Nevada.
While Nevada might be better known as the stereotypical location for shotgun weddings, it\’s also home to a number of popular destination wedding places. Of course, the words Las Vegas and nice wedding places may not seem to go together, but obviously not everyone would agree with that statement.
If a destination wedding in Las Vegas casinos or Miami wedding venues doesn\’t sound appealing, then The Knot suggests taking a trip to the American Northeast, for a classic New England destination wedding. For more rustic affairs, Maine and New England are full of outdoor wedding venues — so long as you go during the summer!
Of course, you can always save money on booking nice wedding places by planning a fall or winter wedding, in which case you would be better off heading to sunny and warm Nevada or Florida.