Assisted Living Provides the Best Combination of Independence and Care


There\’s a time in our lives when we change roles with our parents and become the caregivers, with the responsibility for making important decisions that will affect their lives. Elderly people with special needs, memory loss and physical ailments need round the clock medical supervision, as well as a comfortable and secure living environment. Many assisted living communities offer the best combination of independent living and supervised care.

Assisted living communities offer complete care
For any family, it can be a difficult decision to move a parent or elderly relative to assisted living. However, with comfortable surroundings, varied activities and plenty of good company, many assisted living communities are safe places to live and enjoy life. They offer services like 24-hour nursing supervision, all meals and snacks, assistance in everyday activities, and medication management.
Housekeeping staff handle tasks like cleaning and laundry. In the community, there are opportunities to make friends and engage in regular structured activities like exercise, gardening, music and art.

Medical care on site
Elderly living communities have trained staff to help residents with basic activities like bathing and dressing. Senior care facilities also offer 24-hour medical supervision. Licensed nurses and on site medical facilities are available.
Some of the most commonly reported chronic conditions among assisted living residents are high blood pressure, Alzheimer\’s disease and other dementias. Over 75% of residents of assisted living communities had at least two out of the top ten chronic conditions.

Enjoying retirement
Many people dread retirement and eventually moving to a retirement home or independent living facilities. But they are pleasantly surprised to find that there\’s plenty to do, new activities to try and new friends to share interests. In fact, most people find the experience to be much better than they expected, according to research reported in the 2009 Independent Living Report by the ProMatura Group, LLC.
Living areas are pleasantly furnished, with quality furnishings that the residents might have chosen for their own homes. With serene surroundings, outdoor walking trails and views of gardens and pool, it\’s a chance for residents to live in a calm, unhurried and caring environment. Nearly half or 48% of seniors report finding retirement much more enjoyable than they expected.

Making the decision
Many people find that the most necessary things to enjoy retired life are good health, and activities or interests to keep them occupied. For those who suffer from chronic conditions, physical ailments or memory loss, medical supervision is necessary.
Residents have the security of knowing that they are not a burden on anyone. Relatives have the peace of mind knowing that residents are well looked after and enjoy a high quality of life.

When you have to make decisions about healthcare and living arrangements for parents or elderly relatives, it can be a heavy burden. For elderly people with special needs, senior living communities can be the best answer.