Assisted Living Services for an Elderly Family Member


Has the retirement age beckoned yet? If yes, you probably don\’t know if and when you\’ll be needing assistance with your daily activities. It is, therefore, important to plan ahead. Get to know the different senior living options and their admission procedures. These options include memory care living, independent living and assisted living services for the elderly.

All these three senior living solutions have unique lifestyles with different levels of care for their residents. For instance, an independent living community offers seniors with a carefree and independent lifestyle minus the hustle of maintaining a home. Here, seniors can access a host of services such as fine dining, recreational activities, transportation among other helpful aids. You can even subscribe to a personalized care plan for more comfort and fulfillment.

In memory care living solution, things are a little bit different. It\’s specially designed to host senior residents with memory impairments. Due to various vulnerability, mentally ill residents need constant monitoring and excellent care from qualified and compassionate staff.

Assisted living is another form of senior living that renders personal care assistance to residents when and where they need it. Such supporting services includes eating, bathing, mobility, toileting, and telephoning. Other assisted living services the old gets include a 24-hour supervision, three meals a day and an unlimited supply of snacks. Basically, this living environment is designed to foster resident independence and an improved quality of life such as health care, social services, medication, personal hygiene services, transportation, laundry services and basic housekeeping.

With different needs and levels of care, assisted living services can be customized to deliver care that directly meets the specific needs of a senior resident. Adjustments can be made for the services they get to include addition routines and extra perks purposed to improve their life. This adult living solution is also a suitable option for retirees. People who\’ve diligently served for many years now have a chance of retiring in peace.

In assisted living community, you can find an apartment that is fully or semi furnished ready for accommodation. Often, they\’ll include special amenities and features such as the internet, tv and phone connection, stocked kitchenettes, spacious storage spaces among other vital utilities. These utilities are geared to provide peace and entertaining life. The social aspect of a resident in assisted living is a paramount consideration, and despite the advanced age, residents need to socialize and forge new relationships with others. Otherwise, it has been established that the happiest retirees are the ones engaging in three or more activities, the least happy involve in one or two.

Most senior residents together with their families express relief about the idea of assisted living. Knowing their elderly are in a tranquility place is a reason enough to give them a sound sleep. If you are moving to an adult housing or recommending it to someone else, it\’s always a big decision that you\’ll eventually have to make. The more you know and understand how such residence function, the less scary it will be. One common fear for seniors who are opting for a living solution is being lonely. The fear of turning into a burden to the rest of the family is what subject most of them to unnecessary stress. Consequently, it is advisable for family and friends to show unwavering support and love to a family or a non-family member through their aging journey.