Learn How to Stop Toddler Tantrums With These 3 Overlooked but Effective Methods


Navigating the stormy and often complicated waters of emotions as an adult can be difficult, so it\’s no stretch of the imagination to see how overwhelming it can be for young children. Dealing with the terrible twos behavior, which often include tempter tantrums, doesn\’t have to be as draining or frustrating as most people believe. Armed with the right information, attitude, and approach, both parents and toddles can enjoy the toddler years.

Most parents of toddlers are focused on learning how to reduce or how to stop toddler tantrums altogether and it\’s easy to see why; temper tantrums can be extremely trying for both parents and children alike. And although a variety of factors can contribute to the manifestation of a temper tantrum, other often overlooked factors can increase the likelihood of temper tantrums in young children.

Here\’s how parents can learn how to stop toddler tantrums with these simple tips and tricks.

They are what they eat

A child\’s diet has everything to do with their behavior, a fact that is often and easily overlooked. Diets that are high in refined sugars, starches, and highly processed ingredients, can contribute to both poor physical and mental health. Large amounts of sugar foods can lead to highs and harsh crashes that can leave young children restless and irritable. Similarly, foods that contain large amounts of allergens can lead to discomfort.

Check yourself

Children are extremely intuitive, and often pick up and reflect subtle changes in the mood of their parents even if there is no verbal exchange. If parents are stressed, tensed, angry, frustrated, or frightened, children may sense these emotions and responding by having a tantrum. They may feel confused, overwhelmed, or even sacred. Parents can learn how to reduce and how to stop toddler tantrums by being mindful of their own emotions.


With the number of digital gizmos and gadgets available these days, it\’s easy to see how young children can easy become overstimulated and overwhelmed. Taking a break from these devices can give the developing brains of young children time to rest, adjust, and properly process the information they\’ve been bombarded with.