Best States By Growing Season


The U.S is and has always a great place for the independent minded, the noble of spirit. It stands for anyone who wants get away, to buy a ranch farm for sale and ride for miles on their own land. Whether it\’s gardening, riding, or ranching, there is plenty of land to fulfill all the different types of outdoor personality. Of course, some states are preferable to others when it comes to living on and off the land. The outdoors can be fickle and vicious and it always helps to know what areas are best for specific activities. Here are some of the U.S. states with the longest and most fruitful growing seasons, for both animal and plant alike.

    Out of all lower 48 states, California has by far the most temperate climate. It\’s especially conducive to growing almonds and the more sensitive types of fruit. The seasons are long and even, allowing for a high production yield of all crops, from walnuts to strawberries, avocados and grapes. An already established farm real estate industry means lots of support from fellow owners of farm properties and other experienced growers or ranchers. As a center for the wine industry in the United States, California also has abundant land available for the cultivation of vineyards. The manufacturing of wine has always been of the most lucrative Realtor prospects and should not be discounted when considering looking to California to consider what land to purchase.
    Southern Texas opens wider than California and has more natural room for cattle or livestock. What it lacks in room for more mountainous crops it makes up for in sheer breathing room. A ranch farm for sale in Texas can specialize in a variety of different approaches to land cultivation, just as many as those in California. Hunting properties are popular in Texas, where sport-seekers can test their skills against the wildlife. Corn, one of the staple crops of the United States and always profitable, is also a stable investment in Texas land where the seasons are long and have minimal fluctuation. Wheat, as well, comes in close behind corn as a cash crop that thrives in the Texas climate. Wide-open land and lack of urban presence makes Texas an attractive destination for any prospective land owner.
    Florida is one of the most tropical out of potential land-owning states and stands differently in crop-yield to California or Texas. An essential lack of seasons make it attractive to citrus and sugar growth. The lumber industry is also important in much of Florida\’s cultivation, making up a moderate portion of the land economy. A ranch farm for sale in Florida will be safe from most temperature and rain fluctuation. A humid, warm climate means plant growth is a constant steady stream. In addition, Florida is one of the flatter states, meaning geography works together with the ecology for a naturally high crop yield.