Thinking About Doing Some Spring Cleaning? Consider Donating As You Go


Do you often feel guilty when you pass a person asking for money on the street or get requests in the mail to give to charity because you have no spare money to give? Did you know that there are other ways to start helping families in need other than donating money? Many supermarkets occasionally have food drives on the behalf of local food banks and school supply drives are often in session in late summer and early autumn. However, a really easy way to give back and start helping families in need is simply to go through your own closet and donate gently used clothing. Most of us have clothes that we\’ve either outgrown or no longer wear (especially if we have kids) and that are in mint condition. Instead of throwing those clothes out, you could give them a second life with someone who really needs them. Some charities will have clothing drop off locations or clothing donation drives, to make it even easier for you to give back!
How Should I Go About Donating My Clothes?
A great time to consider donating is when you\’re already cleaning out your closets and will be accumulating stuff that you don\’t need or want. Before donating, make sure all the clothes you\’re giving away are clean and odor free. There shouldn\’t be stains, rips, or holes in the clothing. If it\’s missing a button or has a small tear, see if you can mend it (or ask someone else to), so you\’re giving away clothes that are readily wearable right away. Try to avoid giving clothes that have shrunk or are faded or bleached. Clothing donations aren\’t just trash bins — you want to be respectful when giving back.
Find a charity organization that aligns with your intents –do they sell the clothes to help raise money for their organization or do they give the clothes away, helping families in need? Find out if you can bring the clothes to a drop off center and if there are any key items that they\’re specifically asking for.
Other Benefits to Donating Your Clothes
Donating has other benefits for you to, other than just being philanthropic. You may save on your taxes if you choose to donate, especially if you give to an organization that is tax exempt (check the 501(c)(3) section of the IRS code to make sure). And be sure to get receipts too! Those can help your tax status.
You can also help the environment by not throwing away your clothes. Statistics show that almost 100% of all textile goods that are simply pitched in the trashcan every year could have been recycled or repurposed in some fashion? Americans contribute about 70 pounds of waste individually every year and we send almost 11 million tons of clothing to landfills annually. In 2006, 3 million pounds of fabric was saved from an untimely demise in the landfill by being donated to secondhand stores. About half the clothing that gets donated to secondhand stores finds a second life with someone else!
You also get a chance to really clean out your closets and take stock of what is necessary. A common complaint among Americans is that they have too much \”stuff.\” With the average American purchasing at least twice as much clothing as compared to even 20 years ago, it\’s not a huge surprise! Downsizing can help clear out your clutter and leave you feeling better about what you own. It\’s about quality after all, not quantity! Why hang on to stuff that you never wear and don\’t really like anyway? If you haven\’t worn something in around six months, it\’s probably time to let it go. That cute blazer you never wear could help someone on a job interview — you never know!
Make a huge difference by doing a simple thing that could easily be helping families in need. You\’ll benefit from your own generosity and others will be able to get the clothes they need for work, school, interviews and much more. Make giving back a lifestyle — it might make a huge difference in your own life!