Buying a Church Pew


Before the Protestant Reformation, most churches were not permanently furnished with pews, meaning that for around 1000 years of church history, congregants tended to stand and mingle. Nonetheless, since church pews have been introduced they have been controversial. From the 1600s through the mid 1800s churches made seating arrangements often according to rank or social status and pew rental became common. Some churches, known as \”Free Churches,\” emerged which refused to rent seats to parishioners.

Antique church pews can be a popular furniture resource for private homes and can include bench seating for dining areas. Church furniture and church pews are often for sale, and not just to those who are interested in putting them underneath church steeples. There are quite a few church pews which are valuable to a large number of people.

Of course, there are church pews which are probably not for sale. Some of these include the church pews which were used by George Washington at the Falls Church in Virginia and there are other notable church pews in various locations around the United States. But for those who want to buy antique church pews, they are out there. Many churches do not need as many pews as they once did and are willing to sell their pews.

It is for this reason that people will probably continue to use pews for a diverse number of reasons. They can go with many different contexts and it is for this reason that people might not be renting them in the future, they might be buying one of the church pews for sale.


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