When to Hire a Private Investigator


Although it is a tough number to quantify, of those who admit to cheating on their spouse or significant other, 57 percent are men and 54 percent are women. Thirty one percent of these infidelities end in divorce, and alarmingly, 74 percent and 68 percent of men and women, respectively, say they would engage in such behaviors if they knew they would never get caught. What would you do if you were wary of the fidelity of your spouse or significant other?

If you suspect your significant other or spouse of cheating, many people often enlist the services of a private investigator Miami to confirm or quell their suspicions. In addition to suspecting cheating spouses Miami, private eyes, such as a private investigator miami, private detective Miami, or private investigator Los Angeles are often hired to help solve missing person cases, too. A private investigator Miami may also be hired by insurance companies to investigate potential insurance frauds. Similarly, a private investigator Miami may be hired by attorneys or police detectives to help research issues that arise in civil and criminal matters. A private investigator Miami may have more benign duties, too. For example, a private investigator miami could serve court summons and subpoenas to the public. The cost of hiring a private investigator, such as a private investigator Miami, generally depends on geographic area. On average, rates can range from $50 to $500 per hour.