Comfortable, Cute And Warm Buying Pajamas For Family And Friends


The holidays don\’t have to be stressful. Even though you have dinners to organize, family members to visit and presents to buy, the Christmas season can be one of ease and relaxation if you play your cards right. Circumvent the crowded marketplace and head online to check out one of the most affordable, flexible and long-lasting gifts out there — pajama onesies adults and childrens footed pajamas! This fun and cute pullover remains one of the most beloved traditions in the United States, fitting most people and giving them something warm and reliable to keep them snuggly throughout the cold season.

What Makes Pajamas So Popular?

Adult pajama onesies have been around for a long, long time. One of the most iconic images of the Christmas season are the classic red jumper suits. Historically pajamas originated from India and soon spread throughout the world for their comfortable design and flexible material. The United States soon adopted this trend and now adult footed pajamas are one of the most popular forms of nightwear for families of all shapes and sizes. A study found nearly 80% of Americans wearing pajamas to bed, with another 8% choosing to sleep in the nude! If you\’re not sure what to get your aunt or cousin, you can\’t go wrong with a pair of snuggly fleece pajamas.

Do They Help You Sleep Better?

The short answer is yes! The long answer is that Americans struggle with maintaining a healthy sleep pattern week after week and a good pair of pajamas onesies adults can help curb the trend. The average American sleeps eight and a half hours per night, but recent studies have shown four in 10 Americans struggling to maintain the recommended amount of sleep week after week. A lack of sleep can cause concentration issues, irritability and even raise your chances of getting sick. Considering winter is synonymous with flu season, that\’s nothing to sneeze at (if you\’ll pardon the pun).

Are They Easy To Find?

One of the best things about buying pajama onesies adults are their accessibility. The average American household will spend around 4% of their income on clothing alone, which has caused many businesses to overhaul their process and seek out more convenient ways of presenting their products to consumers — half of all customers prefer shopping for fashion online than offline. Not only can you get presents delivered right to your front door step, you can often find more options in online stores than at your local mall.

Are They Easy To Maintain?

It can be difficult finding a present that\’s flexible, affordable and long-lasting. Thankfully, onesie pajamas fit that bill and then some. The majority are made out of cotton or fleece, materials that are deliciously soft and quite easy to wash — the thickness of fleece fabric varies from 100 to 300, with 300 being the thickest and least stretchy. If you\’re afraid of shrinkage, expect only a 7% size difference in normal washer and dryer cycles. You can always hang dry to avoid any changes whatsoever! Lastly, try to wash any dyed pajama onesies adults separately the first time around to avoid bleeding onto your other clothes.

Do They Make Good Gifts?

Never fear — you\’ve got more than enough options to choose from before Christmas day rolls around. Medium sized adult pajamas will fit someone around five foot and nine inches tall, with a 180 pound average in most stores. Onesie pajamas for adults come in a plethora of different textures, materials, patterns and colors to suit all tastes and can easily be packaged in bags, boxes or a simple string. Not interested in braving the local mall? Order your products online! With so many events to plan and meals to make, strike pajama onesies adults off your to-do list and keep stress at bay.