What are the Steps in Water Proofing Basements


Estimates show that 98% of all homes with basements will eventually suffer from a wet basement, according to American Society of Home Inspectors. This is either due to groundwater swelling or condensation runoff, and they result to damp and leaky basements. Many homeowners consider this a huge loss of space because a basement that was probably going to be an extra bedroom or a rec room is now inhabitable. This has warranted quick and effective ways of fixing basement leaks. Although, before you get your hands dirty trying to remedy the basement cracks and leaks, understand what is the cause for your wet basements, and it\’s only when you can choose between these two methods of waterproofing, perimeter draining system or using a dehumidifier.

How to establish the cause of your wet basement.

Through a simple tape test, you can be able to pinpoint the actual cause for your wet basement. First, wrap a taped plastic onto a damp spot on basement floors and walls and leave it there for a few days. Now, if there is any trace of moisture on the wall sides of the plastic, it\’s an absolute sign of water leakage; and if there are precipitations on the outside of the plastic, it\’s a condensation issue.

Once you\’ve established what\’s causing your basement to be wet, you can comfortably deploy counter measures but first, seeking professional advice from a basement waterproofing specialist. You\’ll need it. Consult from relevant authorities on any information about water tables in your areas.

How to waterproof your basement
Before you get into basement remodeling plan, you\’ll need to get rid of water first to avoid more damage to your home. Water proofing basements involve a series of process.

1. Elevate the perimeter of your house
In most cases, house foundation is the contributing cause to a wet basement. The terrain around your foundation should slope away from the foundation, and any dirt settling around that area should be removed. This should eliminate any water seepage through the foundation. Also, rotted roots around your foundation must be eliminated.

2. Well-positioned gutters
Ensure water downspouts are directed at least 5 feet away from the foundation, and your water gutters free of any blockage. It\’s through downspouts water drain into your foundation.

3.Repair basement leaks and cracks
Any crack in a concrete
wall is a potential route for water seepage. Fill this cracks with various crack sealers on the market, but it is advisable to hire an experienced crack repair technician to do the job.

4. Waterproof your walls
Here, there are several choices you can use. Opt for some concrete water proofing coatings that are cement-like. They are a thick coating that sticks permanently to basement walls when dry and it can be applied using a heavy brush with Tampico bristles. However, this concrete waterproof coating can\’t isn\’t compatible with painted previously painted surfaces.

Another type of interior waterproof material is the silicate-based concrete sealers. How does this work.? This sealing material works through chemically reacting the chemical elements making the sealer and ingredients in the concrete walls. The chemical reaction will form a hard coating that is waterproof.

Plastic sheets and panels
This mode of water proofing basements is dependent with other drainage systems. They only protect damaging items in the basement but not stopping water entering through basement walls.

Lastly, French drain or a perimeter drain is another suitable method in water proofing basements. This is a system of piping that runs underneath basement floors stretching around the perimeter of the basement. French drain provides an undisturbed path to water flow through the draining pipes to an exterior drain at the base of your foundation.

To avoid the extreme side of a wet basement, do a weekly or monthly review of the state of your basement. If any other mentioned signs are present, kindly, gear yourself up and combat the situation like a professional. These simple water proofing basements tips will save you and your family a lot of trouble and you can continue living in peace.