Cost vs Comfort The Pros and Cons of a Do-It-Yourself Wedding and Reception


Weddings are an expensive endeavor. Not only do you have to worry about the ceremony, but you also have to think about the receptions. Many people choose to have a small wedding and invite a larger crowd to the reception, which could account for the more than $13,000 price tag for the average reception. To help keep your costs for your reception down, you can do all or some of the tasks yourself.

There are a number of levels of do-it-yourself when it comes to your wedding reception. Many brides and grooms choose a location that takes care of everything for them, but that is the most expensive options. If you take care of some or all of the reception tasks, you can save a bundle of money.

One way to save money is to rent a reception venue that allows you to do some things yourself. For example, you might provide your own food or your own entertainment. Or you might agree to do set up and take down. Many event venues have their own tables, chairs and such, but in many places, you have to provide your own. If you have the opportunity to shop around for white folding rental chairs and other reception items, you can save money by going with the cheapest options.

Another way to save money on the wedding, the reception or both is to have them at a private location such as a back yard or farm. If you go that route, however, then you are going to have to buy and/or rent everything. That includes plates, cups, tableware, tables, tablecloths, white folding rental chairs or chairs of another color and a whole host of other items. You probably also need things like tent rentals to keep people out of the sun and protect them in the event of inclement weather. All of this will add up expense-wise, although in most cases it should be cheaper than renting an all-inclusive venue. Whatever items you need, it makes sense to order them all from the same company. Not only does it make logistical sense, but it also is likely to be cheaper.

When planning your wedding, you have to decide whether you are willing to do the work and put up with the headaches to do the ceremony and/or reception yourself or whether you would rather just pay the money to have everything taken care of for you.