Three Options for Increasing Your Shed Storage Space


Are you tired of looking at your cluttered and disorganized shed? A home?s shed often becomes the storage shed, but is rarely organized. Items that you no longer want to keep indoors get shoved into the shed, until there is no more room. Yet, when it comes time to find something in the shed, it is too cluttered to locate the item that you need. Use these shed organization tips to improve your overall shed efficiency.

Pull every single item out of the shed
It can be difficult to go through the contents of a shed, especially when you cannot even get into the shed. Begin your project by pulling every single item out. Begin to place them into piles. Your piles should include garbage, donation, and reorganization. You can even create specific piles for further organization. Make a pile of items that will go onto shelves. Make another pile of items that will be hung up on hooks. Finally, make another pile for the items that will need to be securely organized back into the shed space. This process forces you to look at each and every item, giving it the thought that it deserves. You are more likely to throw items out that you are not using during this method.

Upgrade your Amish built shed
Once you finish creating your piles, you will have a better idea of how much shed space you actually need. Sometimes, clutter is created from having too small of a storage space. Upgrading to cedar sheds that contain more space can help you keep your shed more organized. Additionally, building Amish barns next to the shed can give you added space for items that you need quick access to. Don?t forget to utilize the space in your Amish built garage too.

It can be difficult to estimate the size of cedar sheds that you need. Don?t get something that is too large that will encourage you to keep stuff that should be thrown away. However, you also don?t want to get cedar sheds that are too small, because you won?t have enough space for your current storage needs. When purchasing a shed, it is wide to determine your space needs and add 25% for future storage needs. Also, always go with a higher quality shed, like cedar sheds. They will last longer and you will find that it is easier to keep them well organized and in good shape.

Utilize wall and shelve space
If you simply throw your items on the floor, you will fill up your space quickly. Instead, utilize your wall and shelve space. Build shelves along the back wall of the shed or Amish built barns. Use these shelves for items that you want to hold onto, but do not need immediately. Attach hooks and other holders to the walls for lawn equipment and light tools. You can even turn the back wall into a built in toolbox to hold all of your smaller tools. If you will be spending a lot of time working in your Amish built shed, consider adding Amish furniture.

Amish furniture will hold up in the shed and will give you a place to sit and work on your shed projects. Amish built furniture is likely to last longer than if you purchased furniture from the local store. Over 92% (92.4%) of survey respondents said they plan to keep wood furniture for at least 15 years. If you plan on holding onto your furniture for a long time, consider going with Amish made.

Many Americans are not currently satisfied with their home?s storage abilities. Even with full sized garages and sheds, they quickly get cluttered and tend to not be very efficient. Although it may seem like a big project, getting your shed in order will improve your storage abilities and give you a place to work on projects. Because Amish furniture is 100% handcrafted, it makes a great option for your shed and shed furniture choices.