Could You Sleep Better on an Adjustable Bed?


Did you know that sleeping on a flat, horizontal mattress can actually cause your body to shift into improper postures and uncomfortable, cramped positions while you sleep? As such, one of the best natural ways to sleep better is to sleep on an ergonomic bed or an adjustable bed. Adjustable beds not only provide relief from lower back pain, edema, swelling of the legs, and poor local blood circulation, they can promote good health and eliminate and problems you may have with sleeping at night.

Interestingly, there even dual adjustable beds available for couples. With adjustable beds, there are thousands of comfortable positions to sleep or lounge in, and dual adjustable beds allow couples to both pick the consistency and shape of the mattress that each of them wants.

According to the American Chiropractic Association, about 80 to 90 percent of the American population suffers from back pain. In addition, the National Sleep Foundation reports that over 50 percent of American adults have chronic back pain. One solution that may eliminate back pain and help people sleep better at night is an adjustable mattress.

All in all, an adjustable mattress makes all the difference. The right bed is as important as the right pillow and the right blankets. If you are not completely comfortable and supported, you will feel the problems in the morning when you wake up. Importantly, the right bed will give you a better night of sleep, which can make al the difference in making you feel better and even eliminating back pain. More research here: