Eco-Pillow Talk: 3 Reasons Your PJs Should Be Organic


These days, there\’s a big emphasis on \”buying organic.\” While it may sound like merely a buzzword marketers use to sell more products in your local grocery store, the truth is that organic products come with a lot of benefits — and these items aren\’t limited to what you\’ll find in the fresh produce section. If you\’re looking to really go green, you\’ll need to take a closer look at what you put in and on your body. That effort should start where you end and begin your day: in your PJs. Wondering whether organic pajamas are worth the hype? You\’ll want to consider the following.

  1. Organic pajama pants and shirts are more eco-friendly
    First and foremost, buying organic pajamas is a good way to reduce your environmental impact. That\’s pretty important to a number of consumers. A recent poll found that 38% of Millennial shoppers said they\’d \”respond positively\” to environmentally friendly products. It feels good to do something beneficial for the earth! Organic cotton, like the kind used for sleepwear, can be produced with less fuel and energy consumption, meaning that it has a lower carbon footprint. And because chemicals and pesticides aren\’t required for production (as organic cotton isn\’t genetically modified), the water and soil aren\’t negatively impacted as a result. Therefore, you can literally sleep better at night knowing your clothes weren\’t made in a way that harms the planet.

  3. Organic cotton clothing production is more ethical
    Not only are organic robes and PJ sets made in a way that safeguards the planet, but their production doesn\’t do financial harm to the consumer or farmer, either. Farming costs are kept lower because there\’s no need for chemical storage and use, and savings are often passed on to the consumer. Plus, organic clothes are subject to much stricter safety standards. This means that consumer value and farmers\’ rights are better protected through different ethical standards organizations. Buying organic means that you\’ll be protecting the planet and those who make these goods while protecting yourself at the same time.

  5. Organic pajama sets can help you stay healthier
    Believe it or not, your choice of fabrics can have a direct impact on your health and comfort. If you have allergies or skin sensitivities, for example, these conditions can be irritated by lower-quality fabrics that utilize harmful chemicals in their production. Organic PJs also smell and feel better than many other options out there, which can help anyone get a better night\’s sleep. And because no toxic chemicals are used during the manufacturing process, it\’s much healthier for the workers who make these pieces, too.

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