Why You Should Use a Lansdcape Architect


There are 85 million American homes with private lawns. For the majority of those homeowners, those lawns are a point of appreciation, recreation, and pride. Whether using it for recreational use, for your children to play in, or simply to decorate with bountiful gardens, lawn care is vital to the presentation and comfort of your home. However, weekly lawn care can sap up the time of homeowners, taking away from precious time that could be spent enjoying the land surrounding their home. Whether you want to save time or have a professionally maintained lawn, it is well worth your time to look into hiring landscape architects to take care of your lawn.

Landscaping and Lawn Care Takes Time:

The average American homeowner spends nearly four hours a week maintaining their lawns; homeowners upgrading their outdoor lawn space can spend up to six hours a week doing so. Landscape architects can help a homeowner by maintaining, upgrading, and retaining their lawns, leaving homeowners with more time for other recreational habits, family activities, and whatever other chores might need tending to.

Because You\’d Rather Spend Time Outside Playing Than Working:

A recent survey by the Harris Poll, which was published for the National Association of Landscape Professionals (NALP), found that 75% of American think that it is important to spend recreational time in their yards. The top three uses of this recreational space is relaxing, gardening, and entertaining others. Rather than spending time mowing your lawn, mulching, or fencing, you can hire professional landscape architects to help with the bare essentials of properly maintaining a lawn. You\’ll still be free to garden, if you\’d like, but the other landscaping essentials can thankfully be left to the professionals, saving you time.

Professionals Understand Landscaping Design to a Greater Degree:

While you can visit a wholesale nursery and pick out plants and architecture to add to your garden and lawn, you might not know just which ones will befit the landscape, region, and your home. Moreover, you might not have the time to research all of the information needed to properly design your lawn. Landscape architects will be able to properly advise you on the matter, as well as being able to properly plant and plants, install fountains, place in trellises, etc. Some facts landscape architects would bring to the table that you might not know beforehand are that plants that are properly selected and placed can help you lower your home\’s heating and cooling costs by up to 20%. Furthermore, an outdoor air conditioner covered with proper tree shading can increase its eddiciency by nearly 10%.

You Want to Sell Your Home, But Want to Give it a Facelift:

If you\’re in the market to sell your home, hiring landscape architects to present landscaping ideas will be helpful. When selling your home, having it be visually presentable and modern are easy ways to increase attention. Here are some facts from the real estate industry about what buyers are looking for:

  • 75% of Americans think it is important that a home has a well-maintained lawn
  • 90% of real estate agents recommend homes invest in professional landscape architects before selling their homes
  • Homes with proper lawn maintenance can receive a 215% return on their original home investment
  • 63% of people seeking to buy a home state they\’re willing to pay more for a home with a well-maintained lawn and green space

Whether you want to save time out of your week, you want a more professionally maintained looking lawn, or you\’re in the market to sell your home, landscape architects can prove to be a beneficial, long-term investment.