Four Common Questions Involving Used Clothing Donations


In January 2015, 564,708 people were homeless on a given night in the U.S. Additionally, about 15% of the homeless population, approximately 83,170, are considered chronically homeless individuals. What can you do to help? Even if you do not have extra funds or a house to offer, there are ways that you can help too. Simply take a look into your closet. How many clothing items do you own that you have not worn in many months? What about years? Now do the same with your spouse or your children. If you are like the majority of Americans, it is likely that you have a closet full of used clothing that is just sitting there, taking up space.

How can used clothing help?

You might be wondering how used clothing can even help. Used clothing donations can actually be very useful for charities, including the American Red Cross clothing donations centers. A clothing donation center is a charitable organization center that focuses primarily on accepting used clothing. They do not request money or time, simply that local members of the community donate their unused clothing items. Many American Red Cross clothing donations centers even offer Red Cross pick up services, making it easier than ever to donate.

How are used clothing items used to help?

You are also probably wondering how that used shirt in the back of your closet can help out those in need. Well, American Red Cross clothing donations centers take that shirt, and your other unused or unwanted clothing items, and they give them to those in need. These people might be homeless because of unforeseen circumstances, medical or psychological problems, or even as a victim of a natural disaster. Either way, those clothing items are clothing people that otherwise are unable to purchase their own clothing.

Another way that the American Red Cross clothing donations help is that they are sold to raise additional funds. There are people that rely on the discounts offered at Red Cross center to clothe their families. There are also people that enjoy shopping at local American Red Cross clothing donations centers, because of the discounts and unique clothing availability. The funds raised from these used clothing sales are turned into other needed resources, including shelter, medical costs, education costs, and even natural disaster responses. For 24 hour per day, 365 days a year, the American Red Cross provides relief to families and communities in the form of blankets, food, blood, and shelter.

What if your used clothing is visibly worn?

Some people might feel uncomfortable donating their used clothing. It might seem like that shirt that you have worn many times is not of good enough quality to be donated. However, it is best to leave this decision up to the American Red Cross. Even clothing items that are extremely worn can be recycled and used for insulation and to make items like furniture. In fact, used clothing items can make a very warm blanket that is very appreciated by those without shelter. Simply arrange your American Red Cross clothing pickup and let the charity employees decide what can be used and what cannot.

What if you do not have the time or transportation to donate?

The American Red Cross has made it easier than ever to donate unwanted clothing items. Most Red Cross organizations will come to your house or office to pick up your items. You can place them into a bag and put them outside of your house for easy pickup. You can also arrange a large pickup for larger orders and the charity representative will do all of the work for you, making your donation extremely easy.

The United States has a large population of residents that do not currently have a place to call home. Homelessness is caused by a variety of factors and situations, but the one commonality is that they need our help. Even if you are not in a situation to help financially, you can help by donating those unused or unwanted clothing items that have been sitting in your closet untouched.