Four Types of Mattresses Available for You to Sleep On


There are about hundreds of different types of mattresses, and picking the right mattress for yourself is like searching for your soulmate. Your mattress will be your best friend for years to come; you\’ll spend more time on your mattress than anywhere else. The time you spend sleeping is time your body rejuvenates; getting eight hours of rejuvenation each night also impacts your comfort, productivity, mood, and ability to focus while you are awake. If you are overwhelmed by the many types of mattresses that are available to you and are not even sure what to look for in a mattress, we put together a quick overview of the most common types of mattresses you have to choose from.

Four Common Types of Mattresses (That Are Good for Your Body)

  1. Innerspring Mattresses
    Innerspring mattresses were first patented in 1857, and are the most common type of mattress type in the world today. If you are less than 159 years old, you\’ve probably owned an innerspring mattress for a majority of your life.

    An innerspring mattress is designed with a coil support system in the structure, surrounded by layers of padding and foam for comfort. The coils compress to support your weight without putting pressure on any specific part of your body, and the padding above add to the comfort to give you a good nights sleep. There are a broad range of innerspring mattress firmness comparisons, to suit any sleep preference you have. Although several other types of mattresses have entered the market, this is still the most common product that furniture stores sell. If your mattress shopping budget is tight, this is probably a good option for you.

  2. Latex Mattresses
    Latex mattresses first entered the market back in the 1960s, however, at its genesis, latex was costly to manufacture. As a result, they weren\’t obtainable to the average sleeper and didn\’t really gain popularity until updates in latex technology brought down the prices decades later.

    There are two big advantages to sleeping on a latex mattress: First, latex is an extremely durable yet flexible material, and gives you a good night of sleep without any extra pressure on your spine. Secondly, latex absorbs the shock that comes from movement rather than relaying it; this means that if you share a bed with a person who tosses and turns at night, a latex mattress stop their movement from waking you, and help you get a good night\’s sleep.

  3. Memory Foam Mattresses
    Of all of the types of mattresses you might be looking at, memory foam mattresses have the most interesting background. Memory foam was invented by NASA in the 1970s, but not as a mattress material at all. The original goal of memory foam was to add protection for passengers on airplanes in case of a crash. After it was invented, this magical material quickly swept the nation and its inventors looked for new ways to use it. Eventually, someone suggested, \”Hey why don\’t we put this in a mattress?\” and it has changed the lives and sleep health of millions of people since then.

    The foam that makes memory foam conforms to the object it\’s rested against while equally dispersing the weight of it. In the world of mattresses, this means that there\’s no part of your body that takes the brunt Of your weight while laying down, leaving you with achy joints, and an uncomfortable night of sleep. Another reason memory foam mattresses are beneficial is that they are resistant to allergens, mold, and germs that builds up and other types of mattresses.

  4. Hybrid Mattresses

    Hybrid mattresses encompass the strengths of each of the previously mentioned mattress types to give you a superior come for at night. Hybrid mattress types typically have an innerspring system, with a memory foam topper. The spring system help support the body\’s natural posture, while the memory foam top takes pressure off of the hips and shoulders. The greatest advantage of a hybrid mattress is that it has greater support and comfort than a regular innerspring mattress, while costing less than a entirely memory foam mattress.

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