Make Your Life Easier With a Party Rental Company

When planning an outdoor event, a tent is a must. Whether you\’re setting up for a wedding, graduation party, birthday party, or bar/bat mitzvah, tent rentals will make your life (and party planning) much easier. In fact, if you\’re going the tent rentals route, you should also see if the company rents out tables, chairs, and linens — you\’ll be able to bundle everything together from one vendor, which means less follow-up and a few more things you can check off your list. Given that an increased number of people are doing their wedding ceremonies outside, wedding rentals are perfect for either the ceremony or the reception. There are also now a number of tents you can choose from — one of the most popular options for weddings is the sailcloth tent.

Why Go With a Rental Company?

As you likely know, planning any kind of party means hammering down hundreds of details — everything from choosing and sending invitations, to deciding on decor, food, and activities. You want everything to be perfect, especially if it\’s commemorating a big day, like a wedding. Working with a rental company can help cut down on a few of those details and good quality rental companies will have a lot of experience in the business, may be able to anticipate your needs, and show you what items they think will work best with your event.

They\’ll also provide high quality items for use. For example, table linen rentals are elegant, good quality, and include table cloths, table runners, napkins, sashes and chair covers. They\’ll also likely come in an array of colors, so you can weave them into the overall decor of your event.

Chairs and tables are always going to be needed as well, whether it\’s a small or a large-scale event, and most companies that do tent rentals can also supply those.

How Can I Make Event Planning Less Stressful?

One of the primary ways to make event planning less stressful is to hand it over to a professional event planner and leave it in their hands! However, if you\’re a hands-on type of person and want to do it yourself, detailed to-do lists are a must. Make one master list, and then break it down. What do you need to do a month ahead? A week ahead? The day before? After the event? Set calendar reminders on your phone or computer and make sure you have checks in place so that everything gets done.

Big ticket items, like venue, food, bands, speakers, etc., should be done first. Once those are squared away, you can think about decor and all the small aspects that make an event truly shine. Be sure that you\’re getting plenty of sleep and staying as healthy as possible.

One good rule of thumb is to \”expect the unexpected.\” Always budget in a little more time, money, or resources than you think you\’ll use. You might be surprised at how helpful that cushion is.

Tell Me About Sailcloth Tents

As mentioned previously, sailcloth tents are a popular option these days about brides and special event planners, though they can be used at other events, not just weddings. They\’re an elegant and beautiful choice for outdoor events. They\’re nautically inspired and made out of (yes, you guessed it!) sailcloth material, which is not just pretty, but also practical, since it\’s waterproof and quite durable. It usually uses wooden poles for structure and features rounded ends and beautiful peaks for a fresh and new appearance.

Sailcloth tents are perhaps so popular because of their ethereal look — they often appear as if they\’re floating on air. There are clean, crisp lines and lightweight fabric, making it a breezy summer option that\’s aesthetically pleasing. They also catch the light beautifully, and if your event goes into the night, it\’s likely to be wonderfully illuminated by any lights you have.

Minimize your party planning stress and contact party or wedding rental companies for help with tents, chairs, tables, and linens. It\’ll be a decision you won\’t regret! Tent rentals will make your event practical and add a lovely element as well.