Need A Place To Start When Renovating Your Home? Try These Beautiful Landscape Design Ideas

Sometimes the sky being the limit doesn\’t actually help you out.

There\’s a lot of power in being able to narrow something down and give you better focus. Whether it\’s summarizing up your obligations in the average workweek or picking a starting point in that personal plumbing project you\’ve been planning, having less options can actually breed more creativity. Nowhere is that more prominent than landscape design ideas. When you have the entire world at your fingertips, it can be hard to know where to begin with sprucing up your backyard, front lawn, shrubbery…phew!

Here are a few lovely ideas to get you started on a homeowning project that\’ll save you money and breathe new life into your surroundings.

Did You Know?

What do people want out of their landscape design ideas? First and foremost…they want something beautiful. Little else is more depressing than coming home and noticing your lawn looks a little dry or your walls could use some refurbishing! A survey conducted by the Harris Poll for the National Association Of Landscape Professionals involving over 2,000 adults found three-quarters of all respondents stating it\’s important to spend time outside in their yards. Another 80% of Americans believe having a well-maintained yard is important.

General Gardening

A great way to improve your landscape design while giving your mental health a boost is to get invested in gardening. Food gardening and flower gardening were the most popular gardening activity last year. A study found one out of three households actively participating in food gardening, at 35%, and flower gardening at just under 35%. That as much as $4 billion growing vegetables, fruit and herbs! Garden centers can provide you with fertilizer, seeds and all sorts of equipment to help you cultivate your very own green thumb.

Lawn Care

Perhaps you\’ve already got a garden in your backyard and need something to make your front lawn look a little less depressing. Organic lawn care is your one-stop shop for all things lush and green. Lawn and garden spending reached a collective $35 billion back in 2015, thanks to released results at the annual National Gardening Survey. That\’s a huge comeback from its five-year low! Giving your front lawn a little more love can do wonders to improve your ROI and make your home look much more put-together.

New Trees

Want to go the extra mile? Not only can you improve your lawn, you can install some new trees to really bring you the full range of benefits landscape design ideas can offer. Spending just 5% of your home\’s value on landscaping can net you an ROI of 150%, perfect for when you\’re considering selling in the next few years. Tall trees are able to block light effectively in the summer, reducing your energy bills by 20% while clearing up your air and taking a bite out of noise pollution.

Grapevine Nurseries

Landscape companies can provide you useful advice on improving your lawn or expanding your garden…or just install grapevine nurseries to give your home a brilliant, rustic appeal. It\’s estimated over 90 million households participated in do-it-yourself lawn and gardening activities last year, with garden nurseries high on the list due to their beautiful appearance and long-lasting decor. Even when fall comes around they can still look quite lovely on the vine, contributing to that traditional look you see promoted in so many magazines.

The sky may be the limit, but there\’s no shame in aiming a little lower. What are small ways you can improve your home this year?