Need to visit the emergency room?

Have you ever had an incident where you were completely unsure of whether or not you should head to the emergency room or urgent care? To receive er care without the wait you can head to a clinic that supplies and bills for both emergency care and urgent care situations. So how do you know if its an emergency or just an urgent care visit?

If you are having difficulties breathing, chest pain, intense stomach pains or a laceration that will not stop bleeding it is probably an emergency situation that should be treated right away. It is sometimes hard to judge whether or not it is life threatening so if your unsure there are urgent care clinics that also provide er care without the wait of heading to the hospital. The doctors will be able to help you decide which type of treatment you require and whether or not you will be billed for emergency care or urgent care.

If you are dealing with infants and are unsure or feel it is an emergency it probably is. When dealing with infants it is always best to seek er care without the wait. Babies need special treatments and special care even for simple things like flu\’s because their bodies are so tiny and fragile. It can be very stressful dealing with infant emergency visits but the doctors and nursing staff are specifically trained to help. They will keep you calm and reassured knowing that you made the right decision bringing your baby in.

If you have a young child that is suffering from flu symptoms, minor burns, small cuts, or a bump to the head it is most likely just an urgent care situation. It is best to get things checked out if you are unsure and if it is in need of some emergency care they can help get you the er care without the wait. Only 3% of all urgent care visits are referred to emergency. Kids are constantly falling, tripping, climbing, or playing with dangerous things if they get the chance so get used to the fact that as a parent you may ended up seeking emergency or urgent care more than you would like to.