Six Ways to Transform Your Modular Cube Storage Units

Storage cubes are everywhere these days, and it seems like social media is awash in closet cube organizer ideas and \”3 Tips for the Best Craft Storage.\” There are lots of ideas for using that 3 shelf organizer you\’ve got, or for how to rearrange your arts and crafts storage cabinet; but what if you\’re looking not just to arrange, but to transform that closet cube organizer?

Don\’t be Afraid to Break Out the Tools

Just because it was sold to you in a certain arrangement doesn\’t mean you\’re legally obligated to keep those storage cubes the same forever. You can cut them in half. You can remove a shelf to create a taller space on one side. You can remove a divider to make a shelf wider. You can add legs to the whole thing, or combine it with another item to expand it.

Don\’t Be Afraid of Paint and Fabrics

Tired of the color of your closet cube organizer? Maybe you\’ve seen one that\’s a great deal, but you\’re hesitant to buy because it\’s not the ideal color. There\’s no reason in the world you can\’t grab a can of paint and refresh it completely, or use your favorite patterned fabric to line the insides or beautify the outsides.

Combine and Elevate

So, you\’ve got four white modular storage cubes, all sitting up against the wall. They\’re fine, but they\’re taking up space. Worse yet, they\’re just boring. Paint them a color you love, form them into a square with all the shelves facing out, put them up on a solid sheet of wood with wheels underneath, add a nice top to the whole thing, and you\’ve got mobile storage plus a new worktop space where you can do things with all the stuff you\’re now storing in there.

Get Classy

It may look like an ordinary closet cube organizer, but once you\’ve painted and added some wheels you can throw on some cabinet doors, anchor an ice bucket, and transform the whole thing into a mobile home bar. Your parties will never be the same, and no one will suspect you didn\’t get purpose-made furniture.

Amaze the Kids

Do you have a little girl who desperately wants her own dollhouse? What about a kiddo who wants his own pirate ship or spaceship? Arrange all those cubes, back each with fabric, and cut some simple holes for \”doors.\” Then, let your child\’s imagination take over as she fills it with all the things the dolls will need. You can push together a closet storage organizer or two, remove the backs and some of the shelves, and fill the rest with switches, wheels, lights, and wiring from any items around the house that aren\’t working properly anymore. Instant spaceship: you get the idea.

Make a DIY Mudbench

Buying a bench for the mud room can get pricey pretty quickly, but you can make your own with some cube organizers and some cushions. If you\’ve got a tall unit, it\’s as simple as setting it on its side! If you\’ve got several shorter units, you can bolt them together or take them apart to make multiple single-height shelves. Cover the top with some cardboard to keep the whole thing together and then put down a long cushion. You\’ve got a great place to sit while you take on and off your shoes, and a place to put those shoes underneath.

The way you use your closet cube organizer is limited only by your own imagination. Don\’t let the shape and style constrain you: get creative about using them!