The 4 Main Areas of Your Home You Want to Keep an Eye On


Some of the most important elements of your home are your windows, doors, roofing, and siding. Having good insulation and keeping up with these aspects of your home can also save you money when it comes to energy bills and you may be able to recoup a significant return on investment if you go to sell. If you\’re considering a home remodel or know that one of these components of your home needs updating, it\’s smart to do a little research before diving in. Employing a good roofing company or siding contractor can make the process more efficient and ensure a higher quality of work, which is precisely what you want. Let\’s discuss why these parts of your home are so vital, what you should look for when replacing or remodeling some of these aspects, and how to find good quality service.

Why are Windows, Doors, the Roof, and My Siding So Important?

These elements of your home keep the outside from getting in. They play important roles in retaining heat (or cold air) and making sure the temperature remains at a somewhat comfortable level. They can also be good exterior indicators of the shape of your home. If the windows, doors, and siding are obviously rundown or not well cared for, it suggests that the rest of the house isn\’t either. On the flip side, if all those parts are well cared for, your home will look more put together and more attractive to potential buyers.

Practically, windows also let in light (and doors as well, to some degree, if they\’re sliding glass or have panes) and can be a choice in the overall aesthetic of your home. Your choices when it comes to windows, doors, the roof, and siding all indicate your style.

What Should I Look For When Replacing or Remodeling?

When it comes to roofing, you should look for the type of roofing that will work best in your area. Metal roofs, for example, can be terrific if you live in an area where there are fires or heavy winds, since they\’re flame-resistant and more durable than shingled roofs. Do make sure that the original roof is completely stripped before the new roof is installed — according to roofing experts, your new roof\’s lifespan can be reduced by as much as 20% if it just goes on top of the old roof.

Vinyl and composite siding are both popular siding choices. Both options are low maintenance and vinyl siding has an average lifespan of around 40 years. Compared to hardwood siding, composite siding is much more cost effective and is rot and termite-free, fireproof, and neither wind nor cold will affect it much, making it a time-efficient option for homeowners as well.

As for windows, you want to stay away from single-pane windows, which are more energy inefficient and allow more noise in. Looking for windows that are energy efficient (per the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency or U.S. Department of Energy\’s Energy Star program) to replace old windows can cut your energy bills by as much as 7-15%. And take heart — replacing windows can get you as much as 77% in a return on investment if you\’re selling your home.

How Do I Find the Right Contractor?

Asking friends, family, or neighbors for any contractor recommendations is always a great first place to start. They\’ll be able to offer up companies that they trust and have had a good experience with, which is better than starting blind. However, if that turns you up short, online research is the way to go. Look for testimonials and customer reviews to see the level of customer satisfaction from previous clients.

Ideally, they\’ll also be local, with a good reputation and plenty of experience in the area of work that you need done.

Keeping up with your home can be a lot of work, but it\’s worth it, especially focusing on these four major components, which can make a major impact on how your home is viewed and how much money you spend on your energy bills.