The Benefits Of Hiring A Custom Cleaning Service


Cleaning is an important part of maintaining any space, be it a personal private home or a shared work space. However, many people find it difficult to find the time to thoroughly clean their spaces, what with the pressures of family life, social interaction, as well as juggling a work life. And those who do clean regularly often do not research the type of cleaning products that they use, when in reality one third of all cleaning products have been found to contain chemicals that have been proven to cause both problems with the environment as well as human health. The EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) itself has declared that some of the chemicals in household cleaners have been found to be up to three times more likely to cause cancer than the outdoor air itself. The amount of hazardous waste that traditional cleaning products generates is more than 30,000 tons every single year. But cleaning cannot be avoided, as the lack of cleaning itself can prove hazardous to both human health and the environment as well. Fortunately, hiring a custom cleaning service that focuses on environmentally friendly cleaning practices and products is an alternative and a way to avoid the negatives of other methods of cleaning. A custom cleaning service can also prove hugely beneficial for those who simply do not have the time to thoroughly clean on a regular basis.

As any custom cleaning service will tell you, cleaning regularly is important, both in private homes and in shared office spaces. In fact, regularly cleaning can significantly help to reduce rates of common diseases. With employees who work in an office that is regularly cleaned up to eighty percent less likely to develop ailments such as the common cold and even the flu. This means that offices can cut their absences in half, because less people will need to call in sick if less people are sick. The regular accumulation of dust can also impede the overall cognitive function of employees by as much as 6 percent, something that is likely to decrease productivity as well as the overall quality of the work that is done.

There\’s a lot that goes into cleaning, from vacuuming regularly to cleaning out the fridge and ridding it of old food. However, some of the most important areas to clean are often the most neglected. For instance, while it can be okay to forget to clean the fridge, wiping down counters and appliances should be done on a very regular basis to avoid the spread of disease as well as contamination. It\’s also important that any carpeted spaces are cleaned regularly, but an astonishing one fifth of all people in the United States hold the belief that their carpets have actually become dirtier than their toilet seats.

Implementing and hiring a custom cleaning service can be hugely helpful in increasing the overall cleanliness of your home. For many families, a considerable amount of time is wasted just by cleaning. By hiring a custom cleaning service, you can take some of that time back and use it for family bonding activities. Dependable house cleaning services can also change the amount of toxic chemicals that you use by replacing them with greener alternatives. If it is within your budget, hiring a maid service or a spring cleaning service can be a wholly positive experience, and one that you wish to repeat indefinitely.