Things to Consider when Buying a Shed


Most people expect their furniture will last a very long time. When surveyed, more than 90% of consumers admitted they think they will have their furniture for \”many, many years.\” When it comes to wood furniture, people are more specific. Rather than say they think it will last for \”many years,\” wooden furniture owners say it should be with them for about 15 years. That is still a very long time. Many people find that while they want to hold on to their belongings for a long time, they just do not have enough space in their home. This is one of the reasons people buy sheds (and to store garden tools and lawn equipment).

Things to Consider when Buying a Shed

  • Do you want to build it yourself? A lot of people think they want to put in their own garden shed. This can be a lot more complicated than it appears and may not cost less than having a professional install a custom shed for you. Some people prefer to buy an Amish shed because they are very well built and last for a long time. Either way, remember unless you have the time to spend on doing your shed right, you will end up spending more money because you need to do it right and have it look decent.
  • Do not go with the cheapest shed you find. Some people do not look past a sign for a really cheap shed and miss better deals in the process. It may not cost a lot more to get cedar sheds or vinyl sheds than those that are made out of inferior products. The problem with the lesser quality materials is that the sheds will not last as long nor will they protect your belongings as well from the elements. It does not matter if you are keeping your antiques or using it to store garden tools, you want all of your items safe from hot, cold and wet weather. Consider price but also durability when looking at sheds.
  • Get a shed that is bigger than what you think you will need. Few people find that after they have added a shed, it is too big for their stuff. Measure out everything you need to put in it from the furniture and the space it will take for you to store garden tools and add about 25% to that. You will want to wrap your delicate items and that takes more space than you might think. This is not to say your shed should take up your entire yard but having a little extra space is a lot better than finding you do not have enough and need to buy a second shed.
  • Consider the style and decor of your home. Yes this is a shed to store garden tools or your furniture, no one will be living in it but it will be visible from the outside and people will look at it as part of your home. This is one reason you may want to go with a professional to build it or to buy one that has already been built. While you may not want your shed to be the focal point of your yard or home, you do not want one that looks so out of place that your neighbors complain to the homeowners\’ association. You can get a shed that matches your house or is done in the same kind of style or decor. This may make a difference when you go to sell your home.

When you are looking at sheds, it may be worth it to ask about the \”rent to own\” option. This is one way a lot of people find they get the sheds they really wanted but were not able to afford immediately. A lot of companies that sell sheds offer this as an option. This is an especially good deal for items like the Amish sheds, which are very popular, well designed and last a long time. All of these sheds are crafted by hand and have a nice classic look.

Whether you build it yourself, but one ready made or have one designed, follow these tips to get the right shed for you.