What To Consider When choosing Ideal Vinyl Liners for Your Inground Pools

Do you want to replace old and worn out vinyl liner for your pool? If you are planning to build your swimming pool or replace the pool liner of an existing pool, the choice of vinyl liner affects your pool appearance. With many liner patterns, choosing a suitable liner can be a daunting task. We have compiled great tips to help you make an excellent choice for inground vinyl liner replacement. Let’s delve in.


The liner color determines the pool’s color. Essentially, the watercolor is an important consideration as far as design is considered. You can determine the most suitable color to choose by considering the desired overall color of your pool. Basic colors such as blues, grays, and beige tones provide a blue shade. If the swimming pool is located in an area with less greenery, then your pool will mirror the sky and the clouds. Pools surrounded by trees and plants have aquamarine appearance.


Apart from color, there will be an array of patterns to choose from, such as marble ceramic tiles, jewels, and natural stones. The choice of pattern mainly depends on personal taste and preferences. The trick is choosing a pattern that enhances tranquility and exquisite appearance. An inground vinyl liner replacement company can help you make an informed choice.

Tile or No Tile?

While tile patterns can add an attractive look to your pool, sometimes they do not produce the desired look. In this case, the wise thing to do is to remove the tile portion from the pattern. This creates a sharp contrast between the surroundings and water. If you are still confused about the best choice, you can seek guidance from an inground vinyl liner replacement company.


Vinyl liners can be designed with bespoke options that make your pool have a unique appearance. One way is to remove the tile part. You can also mix tile patterns to create a unique and attractive pattern. Another method involves using vinyl liners to cover the stairs. This helps to blend and harmonize the pool appearance with the overall design. Similarly, you can use a different pattern for the pool wall and floor pattern. Most inground vinyl liner replacement companies can install customized vinyl liners in your pool.


Liner thickness determines the strength of the liner and in turn, the life span. Thick liners provide extra protection; hence they are relatively expensive. While thinner liners are cheap and easy to install, they puncture and tear more easily.

However, the most important determinant of liner longevity is the quality of the material. This is because UV exposure and chemicals destroy liners. It is imperative to choose a liner that will stand the tests of time.


The vinyl texture should feel good under the feet. More importantly, it should provide excellent traction and grip, especially in areas inside the pool that have high traffic. While textured vinyl comes with extra cost, they are much safer in any pool. Balanced chemicals applications maintain the beauty and make the liner last longer. One more thing. Embossed liners tend to be softer than non-embossed liners.

Advantages of Using Vinyl Liner in Your Pool

Most Effective

Installing vinyl liners is more economical than concrete or fiberglass. Repairing damaged fiberglass can prove to be very expensive. Additionally, replacing vinyl liner is also relatively cheaper than resurfacing gunite pools. If you need a budget-friendly pool then you should consider vinyl liners.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl pools do not require as much maintenance as fiberglass or concrete pools. Modern vinyl liners have high durability. First, the Vinyl surface is non-porous, meaning it requires fewer chemicals than concrete pools. They are also less vulnerable to algae and freeze.

Final Word

Without doubt, vinyl liners are a suitable fit for your pool. One of its appealing features is the smooth feel. Similarly, they boast of quick construction and low initial cost. You can even save more by DIY installation. However, you risk flawed installation and taking unusually long time. You can visit a company in your locality for installation services, for instance, inground Vinyl Liner Replacement Company in Suffolk County. The bottom line is that it is shrewd to hire inground vinyl liner Replacement Company for seamless installation.