When to Hire a Moving Company

If you\’re moving to a new house, there are many things to consider. One way to make it more convenient is to hire affordable moving help to get you through it. While your focus is all about the move, these businesses can make things much easier. The cost for their services will change depending on what you hire them to do. So if you need a household moving and storage solution that doesn\’t cost too much, they might be fairly basic. Most moving companies will at least load the truck up and move everything over to your new house. However, full service movers might also help you pack and unpack.

To find the best full service movers, you need to figure out exactly what you\’ll need from them. If you\’re moving far away, you\’ll need affordable moving companies out of state. Even the most affordable options will likely be expensive, so you\’ll need to consider this investment in your move. Look for companies that have a good reputation, then call them for a quote. This will help you find the right one.

Every year, around 35.5 million Americans move from one residence to another, and moving out almost always involves the help of hiring local movers and local moving companies for the job. People and households move for all sorts of reasons, such as needing a bigger house for a growing family, starting a new job at a distant location, or simply wanting a change of pace. Many studies and statistics are tracking how and why Americans like to move, and a moving company is bound to be involved with nearly every move. What should a typical household know about the services of a moving company? And what should they do before hiring a moving company for the job? Moving services are often just a phone call away.

Americans and Moving

The moving industry is fairly robust, and in 2016, for a recent example, it brought in $85.7 billion in economic impact. As of 2018, studies showed that 55% of moving families relocated for housing reasons, such as finding a cheaper residence or a bigger one for a growing family. In that same year, 18% of movers relocated for work reasons. The numbers also show that movers tend to be in their 20s and 30s, and as a person ages, they move less and less often. A person may move up to 12 times on average, and this may be especially true while they are renting and not buying properties. Older Americans have saved up enough money to buy a house that they really want, and moving may feel like a major hassle by that point. It has been found that the \”average\” mover is a couple aged 18-34 with one or two children in their household. Summer is the most popular time for moving, perhaps due to children being out of school and thus the school year does not disrupt the moving process. Winter is the least popular time, especially December, possibly because snow and ice make the driving difficult and the moving may interfere with holidays such as Christmas and Hanukkah.

Preparing to Move

Before a household looks up a moving company, they should take some steps to make sure that the move goes well. Aside from deciding where to move and handling all the real estate paperwork, the movers may also want to draw up a schedule and slim down their inventory. The average American household has a lot of items in it: over 300,000. That\’s including everything from clothes and children\’s toys to cookware, books, and furniture. Moving all of that can be troublesome, but shedding excess materials can help.

Excess furniture and other large items can be placed in a remote storage facility, for example. Meanwhile, the household members can start assessing their inventory, and one idea is to do this by category rather than by room. Clothing is a category on its own, then books, kitchen goods, electronics, sentimental items, and more. One strategy is to gather all items of a category into one pile, and that gives a more accurate idea of how much there really is. Clothes, for example, may add up faster than people may realize, and they can carefully decide which ones they really want, and which can be given away to charity instead. The ratio may end up being quite steep in some cases. The same can be done with books, kitchen goods, kid\’s toys, and anything else. Items can be donated to charity, sold in garage sales, or even recycled or thrown away as needed.

Finding a good moving company means looking them up online, and moving companies should have their own websites with all relevant details. Some companies can move a household\’s items further than others, and the number and type of trucks they have may vary. Once a suitable moving company is found, everyone will package smaller items into boxes, and load them along with furniture into trucks. They should be packed tight and restrained with straps so that no items jostle around or fall over during transit. And when the vehicles arrive at the new residence, larger trucks might be unloaded and their items delivered in smaller trucks if need be. Some streets, driveways, or parking lots may be too narrow or cramped for larger trucks.