Why Amish Furniture is the Right Choice

Most people have heard of the quality of an Amish built garage, barn, or piece of furniture. But do you know why Amish buildings and Amish furniture is so good?

Amish Values

The Amish way of life is about tradition and values. It also comes of a culture that makes much of hard work and community responsibility and accountability. Out of these values comes work that is done right, according to the old way of doing things. The quality of an Amish built garage or chair is predicated upon neighbors and family who will use that item for years to come, and be disappointed in the person who cuts corners or tries to avoid the hard work required to do something right. The Amish have been making quality pieces for generations, but they were \”discovered\” by dealers and historians in the 1920\’s. Ever since the quality of an Amish built garage has been undisputed.

Amish Durability

Things made the Amish way are made to last. That Amish dog house has to last for generations of puppies, and the Amish furniture is designed to be passed down to future generations. In a recent survey of 2,000 furniture customers, more than 95% said that they expected furniture to last for years. Only slightly less, 92%, said they were planning to keep wooden furniture for 15 years at the least. Amish furniture is the perfect answer to this requirement for lasting quality.

Amish Variety

Though that Amish pool house or Amish garden shed is made from wood, that doesn\’t mean it can\’t be made to specifications. In fact, when you order Amish furniture you should expect to wait 12 to 16 weeks before it arrives. It takes eight weeks, generally, just to build custom Amish furniture, and that\’s because everything is made by hand and to specifications that you give. Most Amish made goods are crafted from oak, walnut, maple, cherry, or hickory woods, so there is a wide variety of textures and colors available. Just be patient: the quality of an Amish built garage lies in taking the time to do everything in just the right way.

Amish Reflections

When a survey recently asked consumers whether the design of furniture reflects someone\’s personality, over 72% agreed with that statement. Another 67% agreed that furniture can say a lot about the person who owns it. Your furniture should reflect your personality, and it should say something about the things you value. It should communicate that you appreciate quality and art, patience and community, variety and yet also tradition.