Travel And Hospitality Is Fueling The Wholesale Furniture Industry What To Expect For 2018 And Beyond

There\’s nothing quite like coming back to a lovely hotel room after a long day of travel.

When you want your customers to feel at home you make sure you invest in whole furniture that\’s as beautiful to look at as it is to relax in. Rental property furniture comes in enough varieties to accommodate your hotel\’s unique design while still saving you money, an ideal combination in today\’s increasingly expensive hospitality industry. Knowing which items are in high demand, however, takes a little extra research. Should you invest in commercial dining furniture to give new visitors something to talk about or would you be better off in providing a commercial sleeper loveseat for your larger rooms?

Your local furniture wholesale outlet will have more than enough options to keep you and your future travelers happy.

The furniture industry today is enjoying a lot of attention. That\’s because businessowners are always on the hunt for the best first and second impression to give their visitors. According to data provided by the U.S. Census Bureau the furniture industry today is comprised of nearly 85,000 establishments employing over 500,000 individuals. Consumer spending on both furniture and bedding in the United States reached an impressive $100 billion back in 2015 and is expected to hold steady as more people than ever before travel the world.

Commercial rental property furniture takes on many forms. It can be hotel furniture that spans the main lobby, composed of carefully placed chairs and side tables to greet customers as they walk through the front door. It can be resort furniture to decorate the outdoor pool and gathering area. A recent study found the American demand for outdoor furniture and grills will see a significant increase over the next few years, with one prediction showing a 4% yearly increase to $9 billion by 2020. It\’s never been a better time to invest in condo furniture that will last.

Condo furniture aren\’t the only areas you should be seeking out. According to studies conducted by Furniture Today motion chairs (such as recliners, gliders and swivel rockers) account for nearly 10% of furniture sales since 2009. A U.S. Department Of Commerce report also saw furniture and home furnishing store sales totaling $10 billion by the time 2017 rolled around. Not only do customers want a hotel that\’s appealing to the eye, they want a space they can feel comfortable. Your furniture wholesale outlet is devoted to making sure they always have something to look forward to.

Shopping season is about to crop up again. The National Retail Federation found furniture sales during back-to-school season reaching a consistent $6 billion year after year. If you want to buy the commercial sleeping chairs or condo furniture that make your hotel stand out from the competition you need to double down on factory direct furniture. Wholesale furniture outlets are designed to provide high-quality furniture resources in large volumes to ensure every last lobby, room and outdoor patio is properly furnished. This goes for new additions and it goes for emergency replacements.

Wholesale furniture suppliers will have more than enough to keep you stocked all four seasons. Chairs should be cushioned with strong backings to keep tired customers supported throughout their day and mattresses should straddle a middleground between firm and soft. Outdoor patio and condo furniture should include long chairs and small tables. Any additional resort furniture can be requested, but it\’s always best to take the initiative and keep customers satisfied before they even see something amiss.

Travel can be tiring. Make sure customers are always returning to your hotel or condo resort with a happy heart.