Why Our Charitable Clothing Donations Matter

If you live here in the United States, it is more likely than not that you have more possessions than you really know what to do with. After all, the accumulation of material goods and those same material goods contributing to clutter in our homes is something that all of us have had to deal with at one point in time or the next. For many people, simply throwing away these products has been the answer. In fact, the average person living in the United States will throw away as many as ten pounds of clothing over the course of just one single year, which is really not a great span of time at all when you really look into things.

However, this is not a particularly sustainable solution, to say the very least on the subject matter at hand. For one thing, it sends an immense amount of goods to our landfills, something that is hugely damaging to the planet. But we have so much stuff to get ride of, especially when it comes to clothing. After all, the average person in the United States will actually consume as many as 68 articles of clothing and seven pairs of shoes in a mere 12 month period, a number that has grown immensely in recent years. Having so many articles of clothing and pairs of shoes around is not really sustainable for the average person, and so getting rid of some becomes a must.

Fortunately, getting rid of clothing through American Red Cross clothing donations and other such clothes donations can serve as the solution, something that prevents you from needing to simply throw them away. Donating in the form of American Red Cross clothing donations is particularly helpful, as American Red Cross clothing donations are almost always needed. After all, the American Red Cross itself is a hugely important charitable organization, one that provides a great many services to people all throughout the United States. And aside from American Red Cross clothing donations, simple American Red Cross donations in other forms are also quite necessary indeed. As a matter of fact, American Red Cross donations aside from American Red Cross clothing donations include blankets, food stuffs, and even blood. And as the American Red Cross is open every single day of the year and every single hour of the day, it is hugely important for them to get as many donations like American Red Cross clothing donations as they feasibly can.

But how do you know what to give away and what to keep? After all, the process of paring down our closets can most certainly be a difficult one. For one thing, getting rid of any clothing that no longer fits you, be it too big or too small, is a great first step. Such clothing might be hard to part with but unless you fluctuate dramatically in size on a regular basis, you should only be keeping what really fits you. Getting rid of anything that you have not worn for awhile is also a really good idea. In fact, if you live in a climate where there are only just one or two seasons, you should be wearing each and every article of clothing that you own at least once in every half of a year period. If you\’re not doing this or not even coming close to doing this, it is likely that those articles of clothing can be given away in the form of American Red Cross donations. At the end of the day, it\’s fine to keep a few articles of clothing because you\’re feeling sentimental about them. However, donating most of the clothing that you not longer where is going to be, by and large, the best thing that you can do for your wardrobe as well as to help people in need and our world as a whole, for that matter.

Ultimately and at the end of the day, donating your old clothing in the form of American Red Cross clothing donations is something that just about anyone can do to better our world. Making American Red Cross clothing donations instead of throwing clothing away is a great idea.