Get the Most Out of Therapy Services with These Tips

Many people around the planet suffer from depression and other mental health problems. In the United States, it has been estimated that around 16 million people suffered from at least one depressive episode in 2012. Almost 350 million people suffer from the illness around the globe.That is nearly 7% of the population. Experts say that […]

Preserve Your Precious Family Memories By Digitizing Your Photo Archives Today

Photographs are a treasure. You know the old saying, \”A picture is worth a thousand words.\” In many cases, that\’s true. Old photoalbums or shoeboxes full of old pictures can tell the story of dozens of important family events, bring back memories, and preserve a moment in time forever. In our digital age, it\’s becoming […]

5 Ways Giving Back Will Make You Happier

Americans are generous people. approximately 70% of us donate to charity every year. Additonally, each year about 3% of all American income is donated to a variety of charities. In turn, American non-profits add more than $666 billion to the country\’s economy. There are a lot of ways to help others by donating. Not everyone […]