Getting Out of the Fast Lane and Back to Nature


There is a pretty vast difference in lifestyles between city folk and those who prefer the quieter country life. However that isn\’t to say that a city slicker can\’t enjoy the slower pace out in the middle of nowhere. While we all enjoy a good laugh at the expense of a comedic movie character attempting to navigate muddy roads or cow pies in high heels or a suit, there is actually quite a draw to the outskirts of cities for those who populate the denser areas of civilization. But as adept at navigating the hustle and bustle of city life as they may be, life out there in the country may be a bit foreign on more than one front.

What is the difference between a ranch and a farm?
Farming is familiar to Americans, even those who were born and raised in the city. Farming was in our roots as a country and as a society, and most people know at least a few bare facts about farms. The natural terrain and resources that fall within the human-drawn lines in the sand that mark the borders of the United States are rich and generally plentiful, with all 50 states participating in some type of agricultural production. In 2011, agriculture within the U.S. created a gross output of over $374 billion. The industry employs more than 750,000 people nationwide. And almost all farms in the United States that produce crops — 96.4%, in fact — are owned by families. While both farms and ranches can have both livestock and crops, a farm is typically defined as having a focus on the crops, while ranches tend to sprawl over a greater area of land and have a greater number of livestock. Even high-end ranches on which people can rent cabins for a getaway will often have livestock as well. However some ranches are almost purely for the pleasure of the wide open space, thus the interest of many a wealthy person in looking at a luxury ranch for sale.

Why consider a luxury ranch for sale?
A luxury ranch for sale could have any number or attractive aspects, even if it has typically been a horse ranch, or one of the numerous cattle ranches that tend to pop up everywhere when you drive out west. If the new buyer is hoping to keep the ranch as it has traditionally been, there is certainly money to be made in cattle. And as far as horses go, breeding horses could also be lucrative, or the horses can be used for trail rides, lessons, or recreational riding for guests, if the ranch is to be operated as a vacation destination. And of course there is always the option of buying up all of that beautiful land, not to make any sort of profit, but simply to enjoy. Getting back to nature, and getting away from the crazy buzz and grind of the city, can be the perfect solution for the overworked and overstressed. Whether you enjoy the city life and just need a change of scenery every once in awhile, or put up with city life to make your living but need the relief of being in the middle of nowhere, ranch life could be the answer you didn\’t know you needed.

City life has its perks. The culture of a multitude of completely different individuals milling about, the opportunity to interact with a brand new face at every turn. The convenience of never being too far from essentials or entertainment. But sometimes all you need is a little nature.