3 Ways to Ease Your Mind When Considering Assisted Living for a Parent


When you\’re close to your family members, it can be an emotional process to even think about assisted living facilities placement. Scoping out assisted living facilities Florida can provide peace of mind. Before placing your family member in a facility, you can take a tour and get a sense of the place and gain all the knowledge you need with assisted living information.

Rising Percentage of Assisted Living Demand
Approximately one million Americans reside in a type of senior living community; that number is anticipated to double by the year 2030. Age Wave suggests that individuals underestimate the chances of needing long-term care. Nearly 37% of individuals who are over 50 suspects they will need long-term care in their future. However, twice as many individuals, ideally 70%, will need long-term care. That reason alone is why children of seniors should be looking out for their parents. Some seniors feel they can live alone and be well on their own; however, several of them need senior assisted living.

Consider Health Conditions
Although some people would like to take care of their elderly parents on their own, it\’s typically best for them to be in assisted living for seniors. Health problems become more common in elderly individuals and an assisted living facility has professionals that are trained in those areas. Over three-fourths of assisted living patients endure at least 2 of the 10 most common health conditions in seniors, such as Alzheimer\’s, high blood pressure, or other chronic conditions. Having a trained professional on-site will allow you to feel at ease, knowing your parent is being taken care of.

You\’re Ultimately Helping Your Parent
You may feel a whirl of emotions when you\’re browsing assisted living information. You may even feel as if you\’re abandoning them, but in reality, you\’re ultimately helping your elderly parent. For example, you need to provide for your own family and as time goes on, your parent will need help with bathing, dressing, and other daily tasks. Being in assisted living will allow them to receive all the help they need. Most parents don\’t want to be a burden on their children as they age. In fact, a study conducted by Genworth Financial that over 55% of respondents stated that they didn\’t want to be a burden on their family regarding long-term care. During that study, those respondents were five times more worried about being a burden than the thought of dying.