6 Reasons to Consider Buying Double Sided Mattresses


Most people think that having a good, comfortable mattress is an important part of getting a good night\’s sleep. At least 92% of people say they think having the right mattress is important for restful sleep. For people who do get the right amount of sleep, 47% say they use a good mattress. At least 25% of the people who get enough sleep to feel well rested also practice good sleep hygiene techniques such as going to bed at the same time and getting up at the same time every day. Only 19% people who do not get enough sleep to be well rested in the morning. One way to get better sleep is to use double sided mattresses. Here are some other benefits provided by double sided mattresses:

  1. They will last longer. Because you can flip them over, the wear and tear on both sides takes longer to take its toll. When you have a traditional mattress that can only be used on one side, you can rotate it to make it last longer but that will only get you so far. When you have double sided mattresses, they can be rotated but also flipped. Some people compare this to rotating your tires on your car to keep the wear and tears to a minimum. Because you are able to sleep on both sides, it just lasts a lot longer.
  2. They do not cost more than other one sided mattresses. You might think that because you are really getting the equivalent of two mattresses when you buy double sided mattresses you would be charged at least a little more but most have the same price tag. This makes them a very good deal and makes people very thankful to double sided mattress manufacturers.
  3. You get more value for the price. When you buy double sided mattresses, you end up getting more for the price. By extending not just life span of the mattress but the length of time that it is comfortable, you get more for the money you have spent. Most regular sheets will work with double sided mattresses so you do not have to worry about getting special sheets like you do with some luxury mattresses. That is always a good thing.
  4. Double sided mattresses are made from materials and in a way that naturally lasts longer. When mattress manufacturers make single sided mattresses, they place all of the padding and foam on one side of the mattress. These mattresses are also made with less metal. Many consider the steel to be the most important thing to making a mattress last a long time. When all of the foam and padding is limited to one side of the mattress construction, it starts to break down more quickly. By contrast, double sided mattresses do not have all the padding and foam on one side and because they use more steel, the last longer.
  5. They are very comfortable. When you are looking for the best mattress for a bad back, your best bet may be a two sided model. The reason is simple, you can flip the bed when it gets to no longer be comfortable for your back. You cannot deny that there is simply more usable space on double sided mattresses than one single sides ones. When you flip your mattress, you give the side you are not sleeping on some time to recover. This means you can flip it back in the future.
  6. Double sided mattresses are better for the environment. Because you can use it longer, you can delay getting a new mattress, which requires using more resources to manufacture it. Double sided mattresses last so much longer than single sided ones so you can put less into the landfill. This will reduce your carbon footprint because when things go into a landfill, they do not have access to enough oxygen to decompose aerobically. When materials, even organic ones, decompose anaerobically, they release greenhouse gases, which contribute to global warming.

You have many options when it comes to mattresses. You may want to consider one you can flip, such as a double sides mattress, when you need one. They can save you money in the long run.