How to Prepare For Your First Date With an Online Match


In this age of the Millennial, online dating is everywhere. Online dating websites are able to connect you with the 54.25 million singles out in the world, and over half of singles dating site users believe that dating online allows them find a better match for themselves because they are able to get to know more people. But a very important question when it comes to dating online is \’are dating sites safe?\’ Once you find a dating site you can trust, and matches you with highly compatible matches, meeting people is easy!

Fast forward a few weeks, and you have connected with someone who you want to meet. Since 71% of people believe in love at first sight, your first date needs to be perfect! Here are some tips you can follow in order to stay safe while having a good time!

Be yourself

This may be obvious, but so many people get nervous during a first date and come off awkward and unpleasant. Just be yourself, and after a few couple awkward moments you will for sure get along great! Don\’t be too serious, don\’t be too funny, don\’t be too much of anything but yourself.

Do not misrepresent yourself online

You will want to come off as your true self online as you would expect the same from your date.

Drink too much

You may have a false sense of courage if you drink, but you do not want to do anything you can regret when you are sober. Chances are you are looking for someone in for the long run, so don\’t hide behind your glass. Also drinking with someone you just met is never recommended, you will want to be coherent the entire time.

Do your homework

Since you have not met your date in person, the only information you have to go off of is his profile and your chats. Make sure to remember some of the things he is interested in, and think of some interesting activities to talk about that the two of you may be interested in. This way you will impress him with paying attention, and you have an easy entrance into a second date!