Party Equipment and the Details that Make the Difference


Party planning requires a well-organized approach because there are hundreds of details that need to be addressed and dealt with. From the theme to the invitations and activities, even something that started as a small event can turn into a large ordeal.

Events like Bat Mitzvahs and Mar Mitzvahs, Sweet 16 Parties, and wedding receptions have become increasingly more elaborate with each passing year. The budget for a Bat Matzvah or Bar Mitzvah can easily run $15,000 to $30,000. A Sweet 16 party budget can run anything from $300 to $25,000 depending on the number of guests and the detail of the event.

Since party equipment can quickly get expensive, and you probably won\’t need it more than once or twice, the most ideal option is to rent the things you need. Party equipment rental provides the convenience of getting everything you need without the need for storage, maintenance, or clean up and repair. You rent everything you need, it is provided the day you need it, and then taken away when you are done with it.

Outdoor parties are very popular during the warm months. Adding large tents and dance floor rental to the things you need can quickly make an outdoor party a possibility. when you rent a tent, you can also get all the tent accessories you need to go with it.

If you are planning a more elegant event, you can ask about a sailcloth tent, which is much different than your traditional outdoor party tents. A sailcloth tent is a translucent white, it is light weight, and provides the illusion that it is floating. Instead of the ugly metal poles with sharp ends, it is held up with natural wood poles, with rounded, elegant ends.

Going with something completely different from the expected such as renting a sailcloth tent instead of a tradition tent will really make your event standout in people\’s minds and impress your guests.

With so many details to handle in party planning, it is truly the details that make the difference. How every element of the decor matches the theme and exudes a richness and elegance. Guests notice the details; how the napkins are folded and how the chair sashes match the wine glass favors. These are the details that you don\’t want to forget about when planning an unforgettable evening.