Providing Education and Socialization to Your Child During Summer Break


The weather is finally getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Soon it will be summer time, and children will be out on summer vacation. They will have months of free time, while parents are left with months of figuring out how to entertain them. Many parents may worry about the off time from school. They may spend a lot to send their children to private schools or they may push them to do well in school all year long, just to have months of summer vacation to forget it all. Many parents may be looking for fun, yet rewarding and educational activities to do during this break time. There are a variety of activities that will encourage them to continue learning and to utilize what they have already learned during the school year.

A summer camp program is a great option for children during their break. Summer camp in Coral Gables provides children with engaging activities and the opportunity to socialize with other children. They may learn about outdoor activities or nature during their camp time. They will also be encouraged to interact with one another, improving their socialization skills. They will also be exposed to many new activities, whether it be arts and crafts, riding or nature. According to research by the American Camp Association (ACA), 63% of children who learn new activities at camp will sustain an interest in these activities after camp is over. Coral Gables summer camp is a great way to introduce children to activities that they might not have access to during the normal school year. For example, only about 1 in 5 homes have parks within a half mile, and about the same number have a fitness of recreation center within that distance. Private elementary schools with a focus on athletics and wellness can help kids stay active no matter what.

Summer camps are great for all ages of children. The same benefits of preschool also often apply to sending a preschool age child to summer camp. A young child will begin to learn socialization skills, while also being encouraged to actively participate in engaging activities away from their home. A preschool aged child who participates in a camp will be better suited and prepared for preschool when arriving back home. Additionally, day camps and half day camps are available for young children who may not be prepared to stay away from home for long periods of time yet.

Each year more than 11 million children and adults attend summer camp in the U.S. Adults receive many of the same benefits that children do when attending a camp. Adults are encouraged to interact with people they may not on a regular basis and are also encouraged to engage in activities that they may not have access or availability to when at home. Camps provide people of all ages an opportunity to learn new things and to meet new people.

Many parents may be worried about their children?s lack of activity and education during their summer breaks from school. They may be looking for engaging and entertaining activities that their children can do while on break. A summer camp is a great age for all children, regardless of their age and their likes and dislikes. They will be exposed to new types of people to encourage socialization. They will also be encouraged to participate in many activities and educational events that they may not have another opportunity to.