Start The New Year With A New Cleaning Service

When searching for a maid service, people tend to look for efficiency and reliability. Finding a maid service isn’t difficult in today’s world, as we’re always on the move—some of us have very little time to enjoy our homes, let alone clean them truly! The hassle of cleaning can become too much for someone who’s always busy—they don’t want their living space dirty, but there’s far too much to do with not enjoy the time. The benefits of hiring a maid are essentially the fact you can come home to a clean-living space, without having to maneuver your busy schedule to fit cleaning requirements in, but some people think of their maid as their personal companion as well, someone to communicate with when things become too hectic or stressful to keep to yourself. There’s also the benefit of using less harsh household cleaning products while attempting to make your house smell fresh—there are more than 150 toxic substances that are linked to cancer in household cleaning chemical products that have the ability to make you ill or light-headed from prolonged use. Finding a maid service that is truly able to suit all your cleaning needs is at your fingertips.

Are There Different Types Of Maid Services?

1. Most people tend to believe there is only one form of maid services to select from, but the hectic schedules many people have made finding a maid service easier than ever. Hiring a maid service all depends on the type of cleaning you would like done, there’s reoccurring cleanings, same-day maid services, and even a spring cleaning service for those who are simply looking to clear out any junk from their home and sort out their belongings to essentially start anew.

2. Regular cleaning: Typically, a reoccurring maid means you have a dependable maid service that takes care daily duties for you—usually it’s required to make a list of cleaning tasks they’ll perform that should be finished by a specific time.

3. Spring cleaning (deep cleaning): Usually known as a deep cleaning, an experienced maid service offers spring cleaning to customers that want to remove an excessive amount of things from their house in addition to cleaning. Statistics show, nearly 22% of Americans believe their carpet is dirtier than their toilet seat—this may or may not be the case, but a spring cleaning is sure to get into all the cracks and crevasses to thoroughly clean the home.

4. Move-in/out cleaning:Its name speaks for it—the basics of the home not including furniture. This is one of the simplest forms of cleaning, as you do a similar task to spring cleaning but far less extensive. These types of cleanings can also include a custom cleaning service, depending on your list or the company’s rules.

Service Frequencies

There are three forms of services offered by most cleaning services: Weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly. The most popular chooses tend to be between weekly and bi-weekly because people love their home to feel refreshingly clean after coming in from work. Since most Americans are opting to live in condos and apartments, apartment cleaning has become a necessity for people who never have the time to clean their space, but they can feel they’re living in dirty surroundings. Nearly 87% of people believe a clean home is a reflection of their sense of self, which is why most Americans tend to take their homes and apartments as a sign of professionalism and adulthood. Thankfully, since everyone can’t attend to their home’s need, there are services offered that provide while promoting family time—a family that cleans daily is able to gain at least 730 hours or 30 days a year by hiring a cleaning service to the general public.

Why A Maid Service?

Finding a maid service provides a sense of comfort to ensure your cleaning services will be completed in a timely manner, without you having to hassle or worry about the various types of cleaning supplies used. Without the creation of maid services, many of us would be hopelessly lost over how to clean while undergoing their hectic schedule accurately. The process of finding a maid service is simply about who you know and what you know about the various services offered.