Over Consumption And Making A Difference In Your Community

Nowadays, it is certainly not uncommon to have a wide array of clothing to choose from on a daily basis. After all, clothing consumption is double what it was just a mere 20 or so years ago. And where the average woman living in the United States about a hundred years in the past would only have owned around nine or so outfits, the modern woman of today will own, on average, as many as 30, meaning that she has just about one for every single day of the week.

Unfortunately, this also ends up contributing to a great deal of clothing waste, with up to ten pounds of clothing ending up in landfills for each and every persons here in the United States. Much of this can be directly attributed to the rise of fast fashion, something that has made it easy to purchase cheap and unethically produced garments at a fraction of what they would otherwise cost. For many people here in the United States, many of whom simply do not have the money to spend on high quality clothing items, the lure and appeal of fast fashion is a strong one.

But fast fashion clothing items all too quickly go out of date or begin to show signs of wear and tear. In all too many cases, many people simply decide to throw the article of clothing in question away, something that can end up having a hugely detrimental impact on the world as a whole, both in individual communities as well as on an environmental level. Fortunately, there are a number of ways to rectify this problem and to reuse much of the ten and a half million tons of clothing that end up in landfills all throughout this country on a yearly basis.

For instance, making a clothing donation in the form of America Red Cross donations can be hugely important. Red Cross donations and other types of used clothing donations to various other charities found throughout the country not only help many people in the community, but keep a great deal of clothing from ever ending up in a landfill. In many placed, Red Cross donations of clothes donations and of other goods are particularly necessary and wanted, as the typical American Red Cross location is open every single day of the week and every single day of the year – and all hours of the day, at that. In addition to this, Red Cross locations provide an array of services and goods, from clothing to food to blankets to shelter to even blood to those who are in need of it, and Red Cross donations can only help.

Red Cross donations in the form of old clothing can also be hugely beneficial to the people making these Red Cross donations in the first place. After all, the average home here in the United States is expected to have as many as 300,000 various objects inside of it, making it very much cluttered indeed. Making a donation to a clothing donation center or even just a clothing donation pickup site can be hugely beneficial in cleaning out your closet, making space and simplifying your life considerably. And while it can be hard to part with old items, letting go of anything you haven\’t worn in at least six months (in climates where there are one to two seasons) can help you to feel much less cluttered in many of your personal spaces.

Of course, Red Cross donations and the like give back to your community too, something that many people view as a huge matter of importance, as nearly three quarters of all Americans will donate to a charitable organization at least once over the course of any given year. For many people, used clothes donations are a great way to give back when giving back a monetary amount just is not an option and used clothing donations as Red Cross donations or to other important charities can still be incredibly impactful in the grand scheme of things.

At the end of the day, used clothing donations not only help the environment, but our communities.