The Benefits of Master Planned Communities


Homebuyers, especially first time homebuyers, really have a lot of homework to do. There are usually many questions they need answered both before and during their home search. First time homebuyers are usually at the beginning of their home buying education and should ideally have someone who has been there before and learned a few things standing by to help guide them through the process. A trained real estate professional would probably be their best bet, or at least a relative or close friend who knows the ropes.

One of the questions many homebuyers will want to look into when buying a new home is whether or not they would prefer to buy a home in a planned community. There are benefits of master planned communities that should be considered when asking this question. One benefit is the variety of homes in the community. Usually a planned community will use several different builders in order to avoid the cookie cutter look. Another benefit involves the roadways through the community, which are preplanned in such a way as to allow a free flow of traffic through the streets. Another of the benefits of master planned communities are the amenities offered; for instance, pools, fitness centers, clubhouses, and tennis or handball courts. These are installed for members of the community as a perk for its residents. More benefits that master planned community developers include within their building plans are green space; parks, trails, and sports fields, well lit streets and sidewalks, and front porches on homes.

Florida is an example of a state in which many modern home builders choose to construct contemporary homes using modern home design. Homebuyers who buy in Florida and proclaim the home to be their primary residence will receive an exemption for the first $50,000 of the value of their home, for property taxes only. Otherwise the benefits of master planned communities in Florida are similar to those in other states. A benefit of simply living in Florida is that this state does not charge an individual state income tax. In addition to Florida, there are only six other states that do not charge individual income tax at the state level.

When considering the purchase of a home in a master planned community, homebuyers will find that when developers planned the homes, they took everything into consideration, literally thinking outside the box. When single family homes are constructed, the most consideration usually does not go outside the neighborhood that the home will sit in. However, when planning a master planned community, all the surrounding area is brought into the plan. Builders will consider local schools, stores, malls, places of worship, banks, post offices, and more. All of these things are thought about in advance and the community is basically built around those necessities and what they will mean to the residents. The entire community will be fashioned in a way that is beautifully presented, but practical and accessible to homeowner\’s daily needs as well.

Master planned communities are always beautifully landscaped and well thought out. Because they are preplanned, there is always adequate space on the outside between the homes, as well as inside the homes. When considering the purchase of a home in a planned, self-sustaining community, the homebuyer will find that the benefits and the advantages are numerous.