The Most Important Aspects of an Assisted Care Facility


In today?s world, caregivers and loved ones expect the higher level of care. When an adult child makes the decision to send their senior parent to assisted care living facilities, they want the best. Simply providing a room and three meals is no longer enough. As a assisted care living facilities manager or operator, it is important to keep the following aspects in mind.

The safest and most secure of living arrangements

One of the most common reasons that seniors move to assisted living facilities are for Alzheimer care or dementia care. It is no longer safe for them to live at home. For this reason, the assisted care living facilities need to be the safest and most secure of living options. This means notification systems, on site emergency care, and full time monitoring. Always be prepared for an emergency. When you have a strong emergency plan in place, adult children will feel more comfortable sending their parents there.

Plenty of activities to participate in

Many studies prove that seniors that are actively engaged in daily activities are happier. Adult children also feel more comfortable about moving their parent to a place that provides them with entertainment and daily activity. Additionally, seniors thrive more in assisted care living facilities that offer plenty of activities to participate in. According to the 2009 Independent Living Report by the ProMatura Group, LLC, research shows that when you become part of an independent living retirement community, you are more likely to make new friends and try new things, and more report a better experience than they expected. The assisted living facility centers with the best reviews are often the ones that have many activities for assisted living facilities.

On site or easy to access medical care

More than three fourths of assisted living residents have had at least 2 out of the 10 most common chronic conditions, high blood pressure and Alzheimer?s disease and other dementias were the most prevalent. Many seniors are moving to assisted care living facilities because of persisting chronic medical conditions. Chronic medical conditions often require frequent medical care. While on site medical care is appreciated, easy to access medical care is just as acceptable. This means regular transportation and assistance with scheduling of medical appointments and procedures.

A healthy and tasty meal plan

Food is important to many people. You often plan a vacation based on the food options available. You might even book a hotel based on the on site food options. You will find that many adult children and seniors also base their assisted care facility choice on the food. How many meals are offered? What type of food is served? How are specific allergies and preferences treated? Are there any special food occasions? Make sure you are putting a good deal of attention and planning into the food choices of your residents.

Level of assistance

Adult children expect routine assistance in assisted care living facilities. Assisted living residences typically provide or coordinate 24 hour supervision, three meals a day plus snacks in a group dining room, and a range of services that promote resident quality of life and independence, including personal care services, health care services, medication management, social services, arrangements for transportation, laundry service, and housekeeping and maintenance. The level of assistance that you offer your residents may be the most important factor in choosing an assisted living facility. The cost of an assisted living facility may also be affected by the specific types of assistance and amenities that are offered.

Choosing an assisted care living facility is a big decision. Some families spend many months and visit numerous residences, before making their decision. The most common deciding factors include the level of safety, the menu items, the daily activity schedule, and the amount of assistance that is offered. If you are in charge of an assisted living facility, make sure these four aspects are as updated and welcoming as possible.