Canes For Sale A Solution To Mobility Problems

Over the past ten years, technology has hit a boom in terms of expansion and evolution. Now, technology has changed how so many people live their lives and has altered plenty of industries. One of these industries affected is the medical industry and it has helped people live longer! However, mobility issues can arise and need to be met by using canes for sale.

In the United States, almost 25% of all older adults will suffer some sort of fall each year. This type of statistic is not just startling but begins to beg the question as to how this type of incident can be avoided. However, all it takes is finding the right canes for sale. Here are the facts on canes for sale including wooden canes, walking canes, stylish walking canes, and folding canes!

For older citizens in the United States, the location of a fall can prove to be more dangerous than the fall itself. This is because nearly 50% of all older citizens will fall while they are home. If they potentially live alone or are left alone for a long period of time during the day, they may fall and might not be able to get up. When this happens, a fall can go from harmful to downright disastrous and dangerous.

Every year, over two million senior citizens visit the emergency room for injuries caused by a fall. What is so sad about this statistic is that finding the best canes for sale can help these older citizens avoid any kind of issue. This is a great alternative as opposed to falling and risking a serious injury.

Two of the most common causes of falls in the elderly are unsteadiness or dizziness when standing up or walking. Unsteadiness and dizziness are not fatal diseases like cancer, but still, need to be respected in regards to their potential danger. The average emergency room will treat an older adult nearly 11 seconds for a fall and it is up to the people that love these older citizens to step up and find the canes for sale that they need!

Approximately 6.8 million Americans use assistive devices like canes to aid their mobility. So there is no shame in relying on a cane to help improve mobility. As a matter of fact, it is the logical thing to do as time goes on and you grow older!

As previously mentioned, some people will fall due to minor problems like being unbalanced. However, there are more serious causes of limited mobility that require the persistent use of canes for sale. More than one-fifth, which is equal to nearly 22%, of cane users, cite osteoarthritis as the main cause of their limited mobility.

As of right now, just under 40% of Americans aged 85 and over will properly use mobility devices. These devices can include classy canes and walking sticks. Whatever is most beneficial should be used so that way the older citizen can be properly protected!

Almost 4.8 million Americans, which is equal to 70% of mobile device users, walk with a cane. This number makes canes the most widely used mobility devices in the United States as of right now. Keep in mind that out of all Americans over the age of 65, just about 10% will use canes for sale for mobile aid!

In Conclusion

There is no reason for an older citizen to refuse to use the proper canes for sale that can help them properly move around their own home and in public. Everyone has to grow old and there are problems that are unavoidable as this happens. Be sure to accomodate your loved ones as they grow older so that they can be as safe as possible in their daily lives!