Clothing Donation Centers Make Giving Convenient

For some, these feel like desperate times. Attacks near the London Bridge and at a concert intended for young girls. America pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord. Impending investigations about Russian interference in our Presidential election. A President who emotionally tweets instead of thoughtfully speaks. For some, these times can make you feel like […]

Want To Donate To Charity? Here Are Some Tips

What makes thrift shops and donation centers so wonderful? Well, it\’s all in the community! Americans donating gently used clothes and furniture has proven to be a phenomenon of epic proportions, creating a domino effect positively impacting the environment, multiple industries and local communities. If you\’ve found yourself browsing at these shops and wondering how […]

5 Ways Giving Back Will Make You Happier

Americans are generous people. approximately 70% of us donate to charity every year. Additonally, each year about 3% of all American income is donated to a variety of charities. In turn, American non-profits add more than $666 billion to the country\’s economy. There are a lot of ways to help others by donating. Not everyone […]