Thinking of Buying a Townhome? Here Are 7 Tips to Make That Process Easier


Are you looking to buy a new home? If you are looking for properties that require less maintenance, townhomes may fit that bill. Here are some things you should do to find the best townhome for you and your needs.

  1. Go over your finances and set your budget. Before you set out to look at townhomes near your school disrictt, you need to know where your finances stand and how much you will be able to afford to spend. Remember, the downpayment and the mortgage are not the only costs that you will have so factor in utilities, insurance and the extras that you will have to pay. If you can get a pre-approval for your mortgage, that is always a god thing. Talk to the bank or credit union you use now to see what they will offer you. They know you and are more likely to help with this.
  2. Talk to realtor whose focus is townhomes. At least 78% of people who used a real estate agent to find homes for sale say that this person was a great resource and that they were helpful. Often, it is the seller who pays the commission and the fees but you are helped by your realtors experience and knowledge of the area and the market. They can also make sure you get a good deal that is within your budget.
  3. Check out the neighborhood. Is there a neighborhood where you know you would like to live? Go through that neighborhood and see what is available. You may find properties that way that you will not find any other way. It is always a good idea to check out the neighborhood where you want to live at different times of the day and on different days of the week. This will give you a sense of what it feels like at all different times of the day. How noisy is it? Does it feel safe, even at night? The noise level is a bigger deal for townhomes than for freestanding houses because you live in closer proximity to your neighbors (at least one of your walls will be theirs as well).
  4. Make a list of the amenities you must have. Are you looking for luxury townhomes? Do you need a certain number of bedrooms or access to a yard? Do you want the responsibility of caring for a yard? Many people are not interested in taking care of a lawn. That can be a costly endeavor. If you go into the process knowing exactly what amenities you cannot live without, you will have an easier time buying the townhome.
  5. Ask about the rules in the community. There are communities of townhomes that are a lot like condo complexes. There are a number of shared amenities such as a pool, tennis courts of recreation center. These communities also have some rules about the color you can paint your home and the decorations you can put up during the holidays. You will want to know about all of these before you buy a new home.
  6. Look into how much maintenance the unit will require. Many people opt for townhomes because they offer low maintenance living. Having said that, there are some consideration you need to make and questions to ask. If you have a freestanding house, your neighbor\’s roof is not your concern. When you live in a townhome, if your neighbor\’s roof collapses, it can impact yours. What happens then? You should ask about this before you buy.
  7. Compare prices and make your offer. Once you have found the perfect townhome for you in the ideal neighborhood, take some time and compare the prices of townhomes in the area. This will help you make a good offer that is in keeping with the local market and is in your price range. Your realtor can also help you craft your offer.

Living in a townhome often has many advantages over living in a freestanding house. In the first place, they are often located in more urban environments so if you like city living, these may be for you. Townhomes are known for needing less maintenance than the freestanding homes.