Townhouses for Rent Provide Both Convenience and Privacy

Anyone looking to rent an apartment is faced with a number of choices that will impact their quality life over the next few years. Once you’ve picked a neighborhood that meets your needs for convenience and safety, you’re faced with a variety of rental options. You will find apartments, houses, and townhouses for rent in the real estate and housing section of the classifieds. Many people choose apartments for the convenience, but then discover that they miss having their own outdoor spaces and independent access. Townhouses are a good choice for someone who wants to combine the best features of living in a house with the convenience of an apartment.

Why do people choose to rent?
There are 42.58 million rental units in the U.S., home to a significant section of the population. Many people choose to rent rather than buying their own houses right away, for a number of reasons. In fact, the number of renters is expected to increase by four million over the next ten years, according to projections from the Harvard University Joint Center for Housing Studies. As many as half of all renters say that they prefer to rent.
For many, renting is a better fit for their budget. For others, whose jobs may involve moving frequently, renting gives them the flexibility they need, rather than being tied to a mortgage in an uncertain housing market. Many people just find the whole idea of home ownership burdensome, with its many responsibilities. With a rental, the landlord deals with repairs, taxes, inspections, local regulations, and other such issues.

House or apartment?
This is another important choice that renters have to face. Whether you search the real estate classifieds or look for a realtor to help you find a suitable place, you’ll have a variety of rental units to choose from. There will be apartments, condominiums, houses and townhouses for rent. Which style is the best for you? Houses are an attractive option because they offer more privacy, and more space, including outdoor space.
On the other hand, apartments offer convenience and security. They may also have other facilities like walking trails, playgrounds and dog runs. Fitness centers and swimming pools are at the top of the list of the amenities that tenants look for, according to a recent Apartment Guide survey. All of these contribute to a good quality of life, whether you’re single, or have a family with kids and pets.

The best of both worlds
Townhouses for rent offer the best of both worlds, combining privacy with convenience. They have more outdoor space than an apartment, while the property manager or owner has the responsibility for maintenance and repairs. It’s like having your own house without the problems.
Whichever type of rental you choose, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with local landlord-tenant regulations and the tenant bill of rights. It’s best to get all agreements and details down in writing at the start, to avoid any problems later. Any existing damage should be recorded and acknowledged by the landlord before you move in.

Many people choose to rent rather than buy their own house because of the convenience, or because it suits their budget and lifestyle at a particular time in their lives. With a range of different kinds of rental units, renters have a lot of choice. Townhouses for rent offer a combination of convenience and privacy which is ideal for many renters.